Chapter 284: Fully Simulated Battle

Chapter 284: Fully Simulated Battle

“So what do you think, boss? Do we trust ‘em?” Chu Cheng asked.

The four young men were clearly struggling with discomfort over the sudden change in circumstance.

Lan Qing’s deep voice replied. “Soldiers are bound by duty, and follow commands. Headquarters has commanded I proceed. For the rest of you, the decisions are your own.”

“We go on,” Lan Jue said resolutely. “I have faith in the Wine Master, Keeper and Bookworm.”

Hua Li nodded his head. “Let’s do it. Gives us a chance to see what these things can really do. If what Deimos said is true, these things will be a huge benefit to our training. It’s a true, fully simulated battle!”

“You leave Thunderclap to me this time,” Lan Qing growled dangerously. “With my discipline, he’s in for a nasty surprise.”

A digitized voice asked the Monarchs if they were prepared to continue.

Lan Qinq answered in the negative, claiming he needed to debug. It was a new pod, and they needed to get used to it.

In the meantime,...

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