Chapter 283: Evolution and Retirement

Chapter 283: Evolution and Retirement

In the eyes of the audience, there was no satisfaction to be had in this fight. The comment section was a plethora of curses and unmitigated irritation. Deimos had lead his Star Alliance to victory, but in the hearts of the onlookers the Divine Monarchs were the real winners. Thor’s valiant showing was proof, defeating both Bahamut and Windbreaker with nothing but his own abilities. It left quite a profound impression.

Since when was Deimos reduced to relying on self-destruction to win a straight fight? All he had to do was hide in the concealing moonlight. Any other map, he’d likely have lost terribly.

Mo Xiao was silent, her heart filled with sadness, sadness for Deimos. She was witnessing the sunset of an era. The Starlord was too old now, and had to use cheap tactics to obtain the upper hand.

Just then, a smooth and sultry voice filled everyone’s sim pods.

“Ladies and gentlemen, salutations. This is Deimos.”

Eight words were enough to command absolute silence from everyone.

Why was the Deimos speaking after these two fights? According to DreamNet’s...

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