Chapter 282: Shrewd and Ruthless Starlord

Chapter 282: Shrewd and Ruthless Starlord

Starlord was the first to reach Chang’E’s statue. Under the dim moonlight, Deimos’ mecha became an indistinct shape in the shadows, until it eventually vanished altogether.

Not a moment later, Prometheus found his way to the map’s center as well. The area was blanketed in an ominous silence as the two competitors shut off their main engines to maintain stealth.

Neither Deimos nor Prometheus had seen each other since the fight’s beginning. The audience, however, had a bird’s eye view of everything. They could see every movement from the two team captains.

Each had taken position in a corner and, with their engines dark, looked very much like statues themselves. There they sat in silence, waiting… waiting for the others to come searching.

Hades and Thunderclap were still duking it out, with Cerberus’ pilot facing an uphill battle. Aside from Starlord, Thunderclap was the strongest pilot in the Star Alliance. Some would say stronger even than his rival, Zeus.

But Hades...

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