Chapter 281: Doppelgangers

Chapter 281: Doppelgangers

Windbreaker was struck dumb with surprise. He was ready, waiting to strike the killing blow on Thor. But when he arrived it wasn’t Thor in front of him, nor any explosion from the collision of their two powers. Instead it was the deflected breath weapon of his own companion heading straight for him. Before he had time to react, the strike rammed against his own shield of compressed air. Thor, now separated in to two identical images, simply went around.

In short, both Thor and Bahamut were assaulting the beleaguered Windbreaker.

But that palm strike…

How was it that Bahamut’s breath weapon could be so easily deflected? Controlled? It was the primary question running through Yu Honghu’s mind as he helplessly watched the interaction.

Thor would not be answering his question. As for his strike, it already reached a target, just not the one he wanted.

However, Windbreaker was not your average pilot. Twentieth on the aggregate power lists, he was among some of the most talented pilots there were. That’s why, in the face of such sudden and dangerous changes to the field of battle, he kept...

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