Chapter 251: The Pauper (Teaser)

Chapter 251: The Pauper

“You know my problem,” the Gourmet said. “If it isn’t delicious, I won’t eat it. I’d rather starve.”

“Oh I know,” Lan Jue answered indifferently. “But I also know, that noodles are your favorite. It’s something we have in common. Go on, give it a try.”

The Gourmet chuckled, then in order to appease his guest began to eat. He recognized all the ingredients, especially the spices which were his favorites. He nodded in appreciation, then ate some more.

It was a mistake to assume cooking chili oil was an easy process. In reality, the degree and duration of heat employed while preparing it was integral. It had to be precise, but it appeared Lan Jue had a natural talent for it.

The dish was a smattering of oil over noodles, drenched in vinegar. It was simple, direct, and unparalleled.

After a few minutes of hearty slurps, the contents of the two large bowls was gone. Lan Jue heaved a contented sigh, wiped his mouth, and sunk further in to his chair.

“As ever, your spices make the dish. So what do you think, my craftsmanship isn’t bad, eh?”

The Gourmet curled his lips. “You managed,...

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