Chapter 249: Withdrawn

Chapter 249: Withdrawn

Three days passed in the blink of an eye. Well, For Lan Jue, Chu Cheng and Hua Li at least. For the talented students of the NEU, it may as well have been three years. They had no words for the torment they’d endured, and the only thing stopping them from collapsing in to a broken heap was the last vestiges of their spirit.

Their spirit was never exhausted. This was not entirely of their own making, however. Every time they’d see the new assistant teacher – the one in the silver mask, surrounded by golden light – they would feel soothed and emotionally renewed by her presence. Her golden light was like an infusion of courage and power, giving them the will to push on.

There were drawbacks, though, for while the new woman’s powers empowered them, it also heightened their sense. It made everything they went through during the training that much more excruciating.

The students learned that the only way to avoid punishment and pain, was to never allow their willpower to flag. Otherwise, it a vicious cycle of emotional torment...

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