Chapter 239: Unhappy Youth

Chapter 239: Unhappy Youth

Lan Jue slapped his forehead in frustration. “Enough, you two. I got one megalomaniac and one sexual predator. How in the hell did I get stuck with you two as my brothers!”

Chu Cheng slapped a hand down upon Lan Jue’s shoulder. “A-Jue, I swear to you no one will discover my identity. But you’re underestimating my charm, because even with a mask the girls will be swarming me. I don’t expect you to understand. So go on then, tell us what you’re gunna do.”

Lan Jue revealed his plan for the students and future dealings, simple and uncomplicated with nothing held back. The other two gentlemen were clearly bemused by the prospect, and their excitement only grew as he continued to lay out his plan.

“Isn’t that too… savage?” Chu Cheng couldn’t help but share his opinions, after hearing everything.

“Yeah!” Lan Jue replied, his own tones conflicted. “I’m honestly afraid these young people won’t be able to stick to it.”

Chu Cheng’s tone grew solemn. “This is your problem, A-Jue. You’re always underestimating how much...

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