Chapter 231: What Moral Integrity?

Chapter 231: What Moral Integrity?

The two newly arrived challengers had chosen their timing well. Lan Jue was still recovering from his strike. He had no chance to retreat, especially with Tan Lingyun hot on his heels.

“Not bad!” The chilly praise crackled from Nooblet’s suit.

Tang Mi and Geng Yang sat in their respective suits. Since combat had started, the two carefully watched the drillmaster for an opening. They’d been patiently waiting for just this moment.

Nooblet planted its metallic foot and, with incredible speed, spun entirely around. Both Tang Mi and Geng Yang felt their weapons connect with their target, however they suddenly felt themselves being yanked off balance. Before they knew it, they were both stumbling in to Tang Lingyun’s path.

Tang Lingyun saw what was coming and pulled back the assault. She recognized his game, and would not serve as his inadvertent helper any longer.

However, the Savage Goddess was surprised to find that she was still tearing forward. A thrusting force was keeping her mobile. She...

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