Chapter 225: The Bamboozled Teaching Assistant

Chapter 225: The Bamboozled Teaching Assistant

Lan Qing’s quiet voice wafted towards the other three. “I have to get back. I’ll be on time for the god battle. You all need to push yourself. Think on what I’ve said.”

Chu Cheng and Hua Li nodded their heads. Lan Jue did as well, though there was a moment’s hesitation.

With a flash, the black-clad Prometheus was gone.

Hades and Poseidon gave audible sighs of relief. Hades, now safe, couldn’t help himself from complaining. “What kind of ‘brother’ is he, anyway? He gets worse every time I see him. Why did he choose to go after me first? You tell me, it’s because he knows I’m stronger than A-Li, right?”

Poseidon glared at his mouthy companion. “Oh yeah? And how exactly are you better than me? Especially when it comes to defense, you got nothing on me.”

Zeus interjected, his voice gentle. “I actually do know why he chose to attack you first.”

“Why, then?” Hades inquired with genuine curiosity.

“Because you talk too damn much.”



Dusk was quick approaching as Lan Jue bounced towards the NEU gate cockhorse on his bicycle. He’d already set a time to meet Zhou Qianlin via the Soulcaller gem.

Once she showed up, he wordlessly made for Grace Hospital. It was dark by the time he took...

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