Chapter 221: The Great Adept Tournament

Chapter 221: The Great Adept Tournament

“I’m not sure,” Mika said in response to her boss’ query. “It seems to be the same for everyone lately. By a third, and it’s the evening rush hour as we speak. It’s like the place is deserted. So the short answer is no, I don’t know.”

“It’s actually clear as day. The North and the West’s Pontiff’s Castle are holding a big Adept competition. The prizes are amazing, and the alliances are making a pretty big deal out of it with all sorts of resources and manpower being thrown around. Their intentions for that is clear. They are saying there are three s-ranked power gems as rewards to the winners. Aside from the champion’s prize, the North has also sworn to build a mecha to their specifications, using only the latest and greatest technology. It’s the same for all levels of prizes, probably to attract the universes better Talents to come and participate. That being the case, you can imagine why we’re seeing the result here.” Lin Guoguo had appeared from the back, a tray in hand. Several power gems were arrayed atop it.


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