Chapter 220: Mysterious Teacher

Chapter 220: Mysterious Teacher

He quickly tapped Wu Junyi’s number in to his communicator.

“Director Wu!”

“Hello Professor Lan. Have we come to a decision so soon?” Wu Junyi, on the other end, was nervous after receiving the call. From his earlier trickery he discovered that Professor Lan was at least a ninth-level Talent. It was not a fact he could afford to disregard.

Lan Jue answered. “I do have an answer for you. I can teach your mecha combat class, but I have a few conditions of my own we need to discuss.”

“Go on,” the Director coaxed.

“First, you must swear to keep my identity a secret,” Lan Jue began. “You can’t tell a soul. Second, I wish to keep my etiquette class without any changes. In addition I’ll wear a mask when I teach to protect myself, and you will ensure that no one – no teacher, organization or student – find out who I am. Tell them I’m some visiting professor. In this way we can both work to limit the chance of exposure, preventing it from affecting my life.”

“Not a problem!” Wu Junyi didn’t hesitate in the slightest,...

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