Chapter 219: The Old Fox’s Coercion (Teaser)

Chapter 219: The Old Fox’s Coercion

Wu Junyi nodded. “I knew from the outset you got hired through a recommendation from that respected old master. Knowing that, I didn’t want you here as an electives teacher. Frankly speaking, when the dean asked that we start you at the associate professor level, I balked. I was in complete disagreement. Now I saw that I was short-sighted. I’d like to apologize to you, Professor Lan.” As he spoke, he actually bowed low at the waist to his employee.

Lan Jue immediately lept to his feet, pulling Director Wu up.

Just then, a powerful expulsion of force radiated from Wu Junyi’s shoulders. It was intense, and far beyond what any normal man could sustain.

Lan Jue’s response was immediate, and subconscious. His Discipline flared to protect him, however there was nothing to protect himself from. The frightening aura had dissipated.

No! Lan Jue’s face scrunched in a frown the moment he realized he’d been tricked. It was too late.

Sparks of dancing electricity raced over Director Wu’s body. A yellow light covered him like a membrane to protect from the emulsion, and yet he still had to step back until he bumped against the...

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