Chapter 217: The Pearl’s Defense

Chapter 217: The Pearl’s Defense

The first time Lan Jue had performed this check of Zhou Qianlin’s abilities, they had just indistinct and only just beginning to manifest within her. This time, however, there was no mistaking its presence. It was far more substantial than it was the last time. For an Adept whose powers just awakened, didn’t even know what their discipline was… it was startling, the speed at which it was evolving.

“It must mean your genetic talent is very strong…”

Generally speaking, the strength of one’s innate talent and the speed at which their Discipline grew were inexplicably tied. As everyone’s level of congenital talent was different, so too was their cultivation speed. The better their Talent, the faster their improvement. If, for instance, a person’s Talent could reach in the levels of ninth-rank, even if they didn’t spend time cultivating their abilities they would rise to a certain plateau all on its own.

Some people express it as genetic talent being the denominator, and their actual power level as the numerator. The higher the...

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