Chapter 215: Little Monster

Chapter 215: Little Monster

The bluish-purple power enveloped him, Lan Jue could feel his discipline recovering. The phylactery stone embedded in his palm was the last bit of energy he could draw from.

And it was enough: phylactery stones stored enough to satiate Paragons!

The Bookworm glowered bad-temperedly as he watched the simulation unfold. But he was confident this eighth mecha would prove to be the young man’s undoing.

With a flash, Lan Jue’s silvery opponent vanished. Then, bolts of a strange black power bloomed to life all around him. Powerful vacuums pulled at him every which way, causing his suit to lose balance.

Inter-spacial Discipline! Tears in the fabric of space!

Lan Jue was stunned. He finally understood why his opponent had seemed so familiar – it was the Wine Master’s aura.

The silver challenger appeared once more in the sky above him. As he looked up, he was met with a silvery beam crashing down from on high. An orb of silvery light, containing with an unstable inter-spacial core.

In terms of explosive power, the inter-spacial disciplines weren’t quite a match...

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