Chapter 214 (Teaser)

Chapter 214The God-Ranked Battle

The constant, high-speed maneuvers were difficult for Lan Jue to keep track off. Indeed, he’d already lost track of how long he’d been dodging. He did know that, at around the thirteen-minute mark, he’d begun using his lightning discipline. Thankfully the machine worked as the Bookworm assured – it was able to read and translate his discipline in to the simulation. Through that power he was able to inject his mecha and make it move the way it did.

But really, it was a carefree and enjoyable experience to test one’s limits! He’d been involved in very many tests over the years, but in all of those he couldn’t recall one that went to the length this one did.

His hands ached, but there was a competitive excitement in his eyes.

It was a gift, and to him it seemed like there really was no difference in the simulation and the real world.

Also, through the course of the test, he found himself to be stronger than he remembered after his recovery. Even his hand speed had improved.

“Test complete. Hand speed: ninety CPS [1. Commands Per Second.]. Total peak hand speed unknown. Peak hand speed for the first...

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