Chapter 187: I’ve Picked a Master (Teaser)

Chapter 187: I’ve Picked a Master

Xiao Han’s heart was a tempest of hurt, depression and anger.

He was a considered a rare talent, first in his family, and relatively well known from an early age. Even though he was so young, he was close to earning his own piloting alias. [1. Meaning, given a title like Zeus]

It wasn’t as though he’d never been defeated. He’s faced stronger foes, certainly. But in those bouts it was a joy – exciting and challenging. That’s how a pilot improved.

But this was different. This was unprecedented, a shameful loss that filled him with rage and indignation.

He knew the fat lard was weaker than him, possibly by a lot. And yet through those damn tricks, and that insane equipment, he was able to pull out...

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