Chapter 183: Concealment, Assimilation Gems

Chapter 183: Concealment, Assimilation Gems


This match was even quicker than the last two. Sudden, and violent.

Lir University’s Dean, Han Ruchao, shot to his feet faster than a llama on jet skis. His eyes were wide and round, utterly disbelieving the scene in front of his eyes.

His expression was matched by Xu Renjian’s own face, slack-jawed and dumbfounded. Behind at the edges of his lips, the ever so faint hints of a haughty smile started to show. He knew his students, knew Tang Xiao’s abilities – or so he thought. How could this be? Everything was backwards, and Bi Qianhu’s attacks didn’t even scratch him!

A simulator hissed sadly as the door opened. Bi Qianhu pulled his medium-sized build from the cockpit with a howl, his handsome features twisted in rage.

B-BASTARD!! How the hell did that happen?! How did he go from a lumbering idiot to a damn light-speed battering ram?!

The team’s Lir University instructor looked on. Surprisingly he was young himself, perhaps in his thirties, with an unusually calm expression. After...

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