Chapter 172: Switching Seats (Teaser)

Chapter 172: Switching Seats

It wasn’t long before Lan Jue found Jin Yan and Wang Hongyuan. By the time he did, he discovered they’d already set aside a seat for him. The dance instructor greeted him by pushing an invitation ticket in to his hand. “I figured you wouldn’t have one.”

Lan Jue chuckled. “I actually wasn’t going to come. This sort of thing is more suitable for younger generations. I’m honestly not all that interested!”

Jin Yan huffed at him. “Talking like you’re an old man. Could you be any more anti-social? You know any normal Poseidon concert anywhere else in the galaxy, you’d have to sell a kidney to get one. This one is a big benefit concert and album release – we’re only here because we’re lucky enough to have our school hosting. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be a shadow of a chance any of us could get tickets.”

“Alright,” Lan Jue said in defeat. “I’m here, so I might as well give it a listen.” He made a mental note to have A-Li sing for him just one on one sometime.

People began to file in to the auditorium. Members of the media entered first to set up positions. Afterwards, faculty and students were allowed in to find their seats....

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