Chapter 159: Spirit of Hades

Chapter 159: Spirit of Hades

Lan Jue emerged from the roaring flames unscathed. The roiling inferno burned furiously around him, reflecting of his crystalline body but leaving no mark. The electric blue of his presence flashed in the eye of every onlooker.

“Huh?” Hua Li, expecting the battle from the sidelines, was as struck with questions as his lazy counterpart. Even as distant as he was, Hua Li had to protect himself from the baptism of fire by virtue of a radiating blue light. It served to isolate him from the heat.

His observations were keen, and he knew Chu Cheng was taking it easy on his opponent. Still, for A-Jue to sustain this level of heat without blinking was impressive – even by his standards.

Things were different between Chu Cheng and Lan Jue. For starters, they hadn’t really kept in contact for the last three years, and Chu Cheng wasn’t aware of much of what had happened to the Jewelry Master. Hua Li, though, remembered their battle from not long ago. Lan Jue hadn’t been able to employ his Discipline much at all, but Hua Li could still feel Lan Jue’s fluctuating power levels. Comparing them to what he saw now, the lancing...

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