Chapter 158: Comparing Notes

Chapter 158: Comparing Notes

Hua Li’s face looked pitiful. “Can I not participate? I’ve been doing nothing but training these last two days. At this pace I’m gunna die, I can feel it.”

Lan Jue’s countenance grew hard. “Stop whining. At your level you think I believe a little singing and dancing makes you that tired?”

Hua Li’s eyes nearly popped out of his head. “Shit A-Jue. Have you ever actually watched one of my concerts?”

Lan Jue waved a hand dismissively. “Looking at you is enough. What’s the point of seeing one of these prancing shows of yours?”

Chu Cheng, standing next to him, laughed at their exchange. “There’s a connection between his physical prowess and his fame, you know. He puts his Discipline to good use during his concerts, too. It’s not just singing and shaking his ass. Some crazy special effects. When he says he’s tired I believe him. And in the end, who knows how hard Mo Xiao pushes him.”

“Lan Jue!” Hua Li nearly gnashed his teeth at his friend, grabbing his nose between his fingers. “I hate your face! You’ve really never seen one of my concerts!? You don’t know people say I’m the most handsome of my whole familial...

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