Chapter 157: Discipline Awakening?

Chapter 157: Discipline Awakening?

A flash of electricity, and Lan Jue’s hazy form appeared once again at the edge of the mountain forest. His face bore a peculiar expression.

“Discipline Awakening? Her ‘illness’ is from her Discipline blooming? And how is it her Discipline fells so much like Hera’s did in the beginning? Hera never told me what her Discipline was either, but these energy fluctuations can’t lie. They’re weaker than Hera’s was, though, like it has just Awakened. What’s going on?”

His confusion gave way to joy, however, since in the end her problems weren’t serious. On the contrary, a person’s Discipline awakening was a grand occasion.

It had been three years since he’d lost Hera, but he remembered everything about her as though it just happened. In the beginning, like him, she was a talented mecha pilot. However, she was different from all of the higher level pilots, too. Her Talent didn’t appear to have any specific combat proficiency. It just made her...

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