Chapter 151: Aftermath

Chapter 151: Aftermath

Hua Li followed Chu Cheng to the strange rock. They both had to see with their own yes the result of this treatment. Lan Jue did indeed look like he was going to be fine.

The Doctor pushed passed them to his patient, and placed his hands over his body. Almost immediately the familiar virescent glow encompassed them both. After a few moments of concentration, the Doctor’s surprised voice arose.

“All his meridians are as they should be, no longer broken or tangled. Blood flow is one point five times normal rate, vital signs are good. Skin elasticity about twice as good as it was... and that’s all I can see now. The rest I suppose we’ll discover later. It’s almost inconceivable, I mean his meridians were a mess. Now it’s like nothing ever happened. They weren’t kidding when they said -”

“A-hm!” The Wine Master’s sudden cough stopped the Doctor from going further.

The Doctor knew his cue, and stepped over to join the other three. “The Jewelry Master is already in much better condition. All he needs now is rest. He’ll wake up on his own after a little while.”

Hua Li narrowed his eyes, but he did recognize...

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