Chapter 143: The Cosmagus (Teaser)

Chapter 143: The Cosmagus

It was little more than a giant, fleshy orb, a thousand meters in diameter. It’s bulging form was composed of numerous folds and wrinkles. It was similar in form to an enormous brain. Dimples and scars dotted it’s surface, leading to a single hideous mouth at it’s apex.

As it rose over the waves the wrinkles stretched and flapped, smacking sickeningly against each other. With each fleshy smack more of the magenta mist was expelled.


The monstrous maw twisted as it’s angry roars filled the air. The fleshy orb lurched, and began to rise towards Zeus. It’s fleshy flaps had stretched and become wings, which beat furiously at the air and water.

As more of it’s body was revealed, it was shown that the left half of it had been burned black. Evidently Zeus’ bolts had found their mark. He took it as affirmation of his strategy, and the sky lit up anew as scores of lightning bolts crashed towards the monster.

But this time the beast knew what to expect. The thick purplish mist surrounding it congealed...

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