Chapter 142: The God and The Goliath (Teaser)

Chapter 142: The God and The Goliath

“Zeus, satellite anomalies have been discovered by the Eastern Alliance. Judging from the communications I’ve uncovered, the first set of Eastern reconnaissance troops should arrive in three hours. By my estimates, the East will attempt to maintain planetary integrity, and thus will not bring it’s warships to bear.” Thor continued to pass on whatever information is uncovered to Zeus.

“Zeus, what is your current physical state?” Thor’s voice arose anew. Surprisingly, this time the mechanical voice sounded almost concerned.

“I’m fine. The decoction has already catalyzed my abilities. For the time being I’ll have no trouble supporting the power. I’m using it to enhance the potency of my Ascension. For as long as the decoction’s effects remain, there wont be any problems.”

“What about when it’s spent?”

Zeus was silent for a moment.

“I don’t know.”

Honestly, he didn’t know. When he imbibed the decoction he only knew that it would empower his abilities, and the risks that might entail. He feared that, had...

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