Chapter 134: Some Unknown Danger (Teaser)

Chapter 134: Some Unknown Danger

“Me?” Lan Jue pointed a finger at his nose.

Tan Lingyun only grunted, then turned and started off. Lan Jue smiled wryly and followed.

Li Wei shuffled to Wang Hongyuan, who’d recently finished setting up his own tent, and grumbled towards him. “Professor Wang, you’re right. Is this a trip or some sort of military survival training?”

Wang Hongyuan scowled. “This savage woman, she’ll probably never find a husband.”

Jin Yan furrowed her brow at the two men. “Don’t be so malicious. She’s a good woman! It’s just what happened years ago…”


Lan Jue followed close on Tan Lingyun’s heels as they made their way back in to the forests. The mecha instructor was in the lead, her pace slow. Her eyes swept along the brush, in constant motion.

“You look like you’re in decent shape. Do you exercise?” She didn’t look at him as she asked her question, continuing her earnest surveillance.

“Yeah,” he replied. His response was brief, curt. He had no kindness prepared for this...

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