Chapter 132: Group Leader Tan

Chapter 132: Group Leader Tan

Ah, moist, fresh, full of life. It’s a place very suitable for a master of the Water element! Were Hua Li here for his cultivation, he’d definitely get more out of it. Lan Jue quietly considered the surroundings as he thought back to his friend. Taihua was, as promised, a beautiful place.

This assertation only increased as he left the confines of the space ship. His eyes filled with greens of every shade imaginable. Scores of vegetation both known and unknown surrounded them on all sides. The air was thick with fresh oxygen, so much that it took a moment to acclimate. It certainly would have a restorative effect on the body. [1. Fresh air is becoming a very large criteria for a nice place, considering the poor air quality they suffer in China.]

He took a deep breath, and indeed felt his injured meridians relaxing as the energies of the world around him flowed through them.

Wu Junyi clapped his hands, demanding the attention of the gathered employees. “Alright. We’ve arrived at our destination, Planet Taihua. Keep in mind that the oxygen concentration here is one hundred and twenty percent...

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