Chapter 131: Planet Taihua

Chapter 131: Planet Taihua

The bus-sized verti-car rumbled to a start, then began it’s journey. They still had to travel to the university’s exclusive space ship, which would then deliver them to Planet Taihua.

Wu Junyi stood near the driver’s seat. His ordinarily serious Director’s face was gone, and he had a small smile as he addressed the teachers. “Professors one and all, you’ve worked hard. For this trip, I will be your guide. I hope it will be a pleasant and relaxing experience for all of you. In a little while we’ll be on our way, and from then it’s twenty hours to Skyfire’s closest neighbor, Taihua. Once we arrive, the next five days will be spent enjoying one another’s company. For now, sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride.”

Lan Jue responded by slipping on his sunglasses and headphones. He sank back in to his chair, and closed his eyes. The sound that filled his ears was pleasant, a sudden gift from Hua Li as he was preparing to leave. It was, in fact, Sounds of Nature – his soon-to-be-released album.

It wasn’t long...

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