Chapter 130:

Chapter 130: Another Encounter With the Savage Goddess


Lan Jue laughed, and took the check from his hand. “Alright! Oh, but it looks like the place to write the amount is too small, with all the zeroes I’m thinking.”

Richard blinked at him, curiosity evident in his voice. “How much do you want?”

“To abandon my promise and tarnish my reputation?” Lan Jue looked looked at the young man. “A few hundred zeroes at least. So, where should I write?” Instead of writing, however, he handed the check back to him.

“Don’t go too far now,” Richard warned, his voice hard.

Lan Jue turned away from him, heading back towards the street. He spoke gently over his shoulder as he did. “You know at first, I didn’t bear you any ill will. I even sympathized with you. But now, with what you did here, I understand why Zhou Qianlin refused to marry you. The next time you want something like this, do yourself a favor and simply don’t bother me with it.” He waved a hand, and left the cover of the forest.

Richard remained where he was. His depressed, angry face watched Lan Jue leave. Dappled sunlight fell upon his sunken shoulders,...

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