Chapter 124: Shui Zhongdie (Teaser)

Chapter 124: Shui Zhongdie

“Hah! Little Butterfly, you lose again!” Tang Mi called teasingly towards the young woman from beside her car.

The violet-haired girl sniffed dismissively. “Only because I don’t have a death wish. You know what they say; those with great courage usually have something very wrong with their head.” She shook her own, causing her shimmering hair to flow like water as she walked towards the school entrance. Her car started and slowly made it’s way in to the distance on autopilot.

Tang Mi chuckled anew. She bounded to her friend’s side, opening her mouth to speak further, but then saw Lan Jue making for the campus entrance. Her eyes brightened, and she waved emphatically. “Professor Lan!”

Lan Jue stopped, and nodded politely to her.

She left ‘Little Butterfly’s’ side to quickly make her way to the etiquette instructor. “Hey Professor. You’ve got class today, right? I’ll definitely be there this afternoon to listen. What sort of things are we going to be learning about jewelry? Power gems?”

Lan Jue smiled at her enthusiasm. “Of course...

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