Chapter 122: Lan Jue’s Doubt (Teaser)

Chapter 122: Lan Jue’s Doubt

“Alright. I’ll send new as soon as possible. I must confirm once again – you two represent the Monarchs as a whole, and confirm that you agree to participate in the open competition?”

“Yes, we will participate.” Zeus and Poseidon each made their affirmations.

“Thank you.” Piao Hong, Guardian of DreamNet, a god-ranked pilot herself, actually bowed low to the two Monarchs. “Now that you’ve agreed, we’ll begin advertising. Our plan is already in place. We’ll begin by introducing you, and at the same time this competition. It will resound to ever corner of the Three Alliances.”

“Good.” Now that the two young men had agreed, there was no further room for hesitation.

“The decoction you desire will arrive at your DreamNet delivery location tomorrow morning. You’ll find it enclosed within. In thanks for your support of DreamNet, and your defense of humanity, we’ve sent a second vial as well.”

“Excellent.” Lan Jue was blunt, but thankful. It was an overly generous gift to...

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