Chapter 119: Sorry, Richard

Chapter 119: Sorry, Richard

The Soul-Caller Gem warmed.

“Come get me at home.”

“It’s so early. I’m still sleeping.”

“A bodyguard must fulfill their duties! Nobles must abide by their promises!”


“A-Jue, what are you doing so early?” Hua Li pulled himself to a sitting position on the couch, watching Lan Jue wash his face with drowsy eyes.

“You don’t have class today either. Where are you running off to? You wouldn’t need to get up this early to train your disciples either.” Hua Li’s questions were fussy at the early hour.

Lan Jue’s response was muttered, almost to himself. “A bodyguard must fulfill their duties! Ugh, nonsense.”

“I despise you,” Hua Li sighed dejectedly. He grudgingly pushed himself from the sofa.

Ten minutes later.

The antique bicycle rattled speedily along the road. Hua Li’s morose expression stared at the passing ground as he sat behind Lan Jue. “A-Jue I’m starving. It’s not good to skip breakfast. Gives you energy for the day.”

“Shut up, I’m hungry too. And I’m the one pedaling. Already a crappy...

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