Chapter 118: Consent

Chapter 118: Consent

Piao Hong stopped here, pausing for just a moment. When she spoke again, her voice was graver still. “According to our own calculations at DreamNet, there is a sixty-four point seven eight percent chance they will come our way. If that ends up being the case… humanity could be at war.”

“Judging by their distance it may be years before we face the risk, but we should prepare ahead of time. Because of this, we at DreamNet hope to improve the quality of our civil defense. We’ll start with inflaming the passions of the younger generation. What better way to do that, then to stage a god-team match, in full view of the human population. It would be an unprecedented event, one for the ages. The Four Monarchs, top of the lists, would be the main event. It was good you came today – another three days, and I’d have had to approach you through different channels. I hope, in light of these circumstances, you’ll consider the future of the human race. I hope you will participate, for everyone’s sake.”

“Of course the DreamNet...

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