Chapter 117: Fantascia Genetica Decoction

Chapter 117: Fantascia Genetica Decoction

Lan Jue’s voice was serious. “If this were real combat, would you talk this way to your enemy? You’d actually have no chance, because you’d be dead.”

“Wh-…” Hua Li trailed off.

Within Thor, Lan Jue was fighting valiantly with himself to stop his laughter from bubbling out. It was a difficult task!

It appeared Tang Xiao’s tricks were useful after all. Even he was almost beaten the first time he’d encountered that nasty deception.

“Unacceptable! Again!” Hua Li was audibly grinding his teeth.

Lan Jue’s voice was lofty and dismissive. “The discrepancy in power is too great. Train harder, and challenge me again when you’re ready!” Thor disappeared in a flash of light, without giving Hu Li a chance to answer [1. I’m sorry, but that’s one helluva dick move. If that was my buddy I’d punch him in the neck.]

It wasn’t long before Zeus and Poseidon where once more walking the streets of Dreamburg.

“A-Jue! Since when did you become...

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