Chapter 114: The Power of Poseidon (Teaser)

Chapter 114: The Power of Poseidon

The sizzling arc of light spat from the Asura Blade cut in to Hua Li’s vortex. What was moments before a deep blue ripple became pure white – but the whirlpool remained. The deadly attack was swallowed in to it.

“Brine Mires,” Lan Jue reminded them cryptically from a distance.

The words echoed through the arena. Hua Li stood unmoved but not unchanged. That coy smile common to his handsome face was gone. His body spun around, and his hands shot out in a flurry. Like before, each strike of his palm birthed a spinning cobalt blue vortex.

As they blasted outward the Asura Blade strike was deflected. Lin Guoguo’s golden doppelganger, too, was pushed violently away. The powerful force was clearly a conglomeration of the ocean’s powers and Hua Li’s own mental force. He was no psychic like Guoguo was, but once a power was cultivated to the ninth rank, one’s control was nearly absolute.

The Brine Mire eddies surrounded Hua Li like moving armor. Slowly they...

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