Chapter 112: Pointers (Teaser)

Chapter 112: Pointers

Hua Li snapped his head around to glare at Lan Jue. “A-Jue, did you teach them this?!”

Lan Jue coughed uncomfortably. “Stop framing good people! Only you are responsible for your reputation. Come on, let’s get to the sparring arena. Ke’er should already be there with the Wine Master.”

He turned and began to make his way. As he did, hidden from view, a goofy grin nearly split his face. He couldn’t keep it hidden any longer.

Face-lift! HAH!

When they arrived they spied the Wine Master waiting. He stood quietly before the gates of the Reaper’s Arena, meticulously put together and almost regal. Above ground he managed the Gothic Winery, but here the Reaper’s Arena was under his purview. Ke’er stood behind him, as she felt uncomfortable at his side or in front.

“Wine Master,” Lan Jue greeted when he was not far off.

“Nm.” The elderly man nodded to the Jewelry Master....

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