Chapter 108: Professor Lan’s is Back!

Chapter 108: Professor Lan’s is Back!

“Professor, you’re here!”

Lan Jue stopped at the gate of the NEU, stuck once more where Jin Tao had blocked his path.

Curiously, today Jin Tao was also sporting a pollution mask, though his was a sight more dramatic than Hua Li’s. The young man’s came almost all the way up to his eyes, hiding nearly the entirety of his face. His pink Mohawk remained, however, as impressive as ever.

“What are you doing here?” Lan Jue raised an inquisitive brow at Jin Tao.

“Waiting for you!” He responded.

“For me? What is it?”

Jin Tao explained. “What are you playing on teaching me today? Look, Fatty Tang’s a lot more powerful than me, so I need something special right? Otherwise how am I supposed to catch up to him?”

Lan Jue turned to watch Hua Li hop from the back of his bicycle. A sinister grin split his face. Hua Li, seeing the smirk, immediately understood what Lan Jue wanted. He knew his friend well, and whenever that look shone in his eyes it meant something bad was coming. Fortunately this time it wasn’t directed at him.

“Fine. But I still need to train...

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