Chapter 106: Ma La Tang

Chapter 106: Ma La Tang

“Eight or ten s-ranked gems. Are they made of chocolate?” The Gourmet addressed them flatly.

Hua Li’s response was earnest regardless. “If that’s what you want, I can find a way to get it.”

It was then the Gourmet knew he was serious. He looked from the newcomer, then to Lan Jue. For Hua Li to make such a claim, the Jewelry Master must not have been talking nonsense. The very effeminate gentleman before him must indeed be very wealthy.

“Let’s eat,” he said.

Preparation began when he produced a small stove, with a metal alloy plate beneath to ensure it didn’t hurt the table. A covered pot was then placed on top. The fires underneath were lit.

Next, several plates of fresh dishes were brought out before them. Seafood, vegetables and more were arrayed fancily around the stove. None of them bore any special preparation, but for bamboo shoots which impale the thinly sliced pieces. So far, it certainly didn’t appear to be what you’d call a meal.

“This is… hot pot?” Hua Li’s interrogative voice...

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