Chapter 1 The Fatty is Unemployed

Chapter 1 – The Fatty is Unemployed

Fatty Qian was unemployed.

Why? He’d managed to piss off his direct superior, the assistant general manager and young master, Xu Quan.

How? It was actually a very small thing. Manager Xu had seen Fatty try to take home leftovers after a gathering. Seeing as the young master has always hated Fatty for his love of money, he promptly sent Fatty packing with the excuse that Fatty had brought shame upon their company.

Fatty twitched his mouth while holding the three months’ salary, which was supposed to be his severance. Isn’t this supposed to be an international company? It was just a lowly manager position, and the salary was less than ten thousand yuan a month. I don’t want that job anymore anyways!

Still, it was a shame to leave those dishes behind. I could’ve eaten them...

Fatty had planned to live out the rest of his days off his savings, but couldn’t take anymore of it after a mere two days.

“Damn it, everything costs money! Every bit that I swallow is eating into my savings! No, I can’t continue on like this, I have to work hard.”

He washed his chubby hands clean after making the declaration and then grabbed his dumbbells. His doorbell rang after ten reps. 

He quickly walked over to answer it, and saw his little sister standing in the hallway. Oh, it's the weekend already!

“Bro, I bet you were procrastinating again.” Qian Xiaoqian threw her handbag aside and leaped into Fatty’s arms with a giggle.

Qian Xiaoqian was a true beauty of 1.69 meters, sporting waist-length hair paired with a voluptuous body tapering off into long legs. Her a thin face showcased slender eyebrows, perky lips and a button nose; and a pair of large watery eyes. Thanks to her appearance, the line of boys from school chasing after her could circle their apartment building several times.

On the other hand, although Fatty was slightly handsome, he was sadly obese. Even he considered himself to be just a little chubby. Though he was 1.8m, he had tiny eyes sunken into the fat of his face, which made it more difficult to tell that he and Qian Xiaoqian were siblings. That’s why, whenever they walked down the street arm in arm, they always heard booing and sour words like “the good girls are always with the ugly ones” spring up behind them. That always made Qian Xiaoqian chuckle, and it became a form of entertainment for the siblings.

“Bro, did you eat yet?” Qian Xiaoqian flipped Fatty’s blanket over after taking a seat on the bed, only letting go after seeing a dearth of dirty socks.

“Nope, I’ve been waiting for you.” Fatty cleaned himself up as quickly as possible, then took out his wallet and walked down the stairs while holding his little sister’s hands.

“Wow, Lil’ Qian, your girlfriend came to see you again. Zeze, she’s so pretty.” When they got to the entrance to the building, the cleaning lady gushed over Qian Xiaoqian’s beauty. The cleaning lady never once believed that Xiaoqian was Fatty’s little sister, and after a while, Fatty couldn’t be bothered to explain anymore.

“Where do you want to go and eat?” Fatty stood at the end of the busy street with his left hand holding his little sister’s. His right hand clenched tightly around his wallet, as if someone would pounce and try to yank it at any moment.

“Let’s go for some western food,” Qian Xiaoqian suggested.

Fatty did not object. He was a good child and wasn’t picky about his food.

“What would you two like to order?” The waiter greeted them right after they entered the restaurant. Despite the passion shown, Fatty was still able to glimpse a hint of disdain in the waiter’s eyes.

F*ck, who are you to look down on people like this?! I’m just slightly chubbier and uglier? But my little sister’s pretty, so screw you.

Fatty sat down bitterly and immediately wolfed down the food when it arrived. Meanwhile, Qian Xiaoqian acted more like a waitress, handing him tissues and water.

“F*ck, damned fatties actually bring prostitutes with them  to restaurants now. Hey, you, c’mere, how much is he paying ya’? I’ll give you double.” Six people rushed in. A young man wearing glasses and appearing rather educated out of the group pointed at Qian Xiaoqian.

“Nice, someone’s treating us to a meal again,” Fatty muttered around a mouthful of food. Qian Xiaoqian merely smiled silently, finally sitting down and nibbling slowly when she noticed that Fatty no longer ate like a starved man.

“Damn bitch, we bros tellin’ you to come over! Don’t you hear us?” Another young man felt that the group had lost a lot of face when Qian Xiaoqian ignored them. He stalked over and reached for Qian Xiaoqian’s collar.

“You’re courting death!” Fatty’s mouth didn’t stop chewing, but the chair beneath him suddenly flew out and smashed into the oncoming arm. The young man screamed terribly, collapsing onto the floor and howling as he clutched his arm, which was bent at an odd angle.

Everyone else present gasped.

“Good, as expected of someone with their chick out in public. You’re fierce enough!” Not only did the young man in the lead not get angry when his friend was hurt, but he actually praised Fatty.

The restaurant manager wanted to come smooth things over , but was sent back by a single glare from the young man.

“Run with me from now on and we’ll forget about this. How about it?” The young man was throwing his weight around like a big boss and expected Fatty to come running over, crying that he’d finally met a good master.

“F*ck, you’re seriously an idiot!” Fatty tilted his head and stared at the young man for a while, as he swallowed what was in his mouth.

 The young man’s face dropped.

“Fine, you’ve got some balls. Guys, break him. Oh, don’t hurt the girl, I still have to go back and use her body.” The young man pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose with this commanding order. The four subordinates behind him rushed over.

“This fight should have started ages ago.” Fatty sneered and brandished the chair, charging towards the four young men.

“One, two…” Qian Xiaoqian stayed seated, and counted under her breath as she ate calmly.


The young man who’d crashed into Fatty rebounded as if he’d been hit by a speeding car. He glided five or six meters through the air before plummeting heavily and breaking a table.

Fatty used the chair to barrel through all attackers. Bang, bang! Two more sprawled on the floor and clutched their heads in pain, not daring to get up.

“F*ck your mom!” The final person was hit with a flying kick by Fatty to the chest, sending him back ten-odd meters, hitting a wall. Only after several seconds of being stuck to the wall did he slide down and stop moving.

“You-you…” The young man in the lead pointed at Fatty with eyes filled with terror.

“Me? What about me? Gonna break me?” Fatty twisted the chair like a rope, leering viciously at the young man.

“My-my cousin is the deputy commissioner of the police If you dare touch me, my cousin won’t let you off easily!” “Deputy Commissioner? Heh. Heh,” Fatty snorted coldly twice, then chucked the ruined chair away. Before the joy in the young man’s eyes finished forming, Fatty sucker-punched him in the stomach.

“Look carefully.” Fatty peeled off his slightly oily shirt and revealed his flab. “This lord has an azure dragon on the left, a white tiger on the right, and a white rat in the middle. Don’t get the wrong person if you want revenge. Waiter, check please. He’s paying for my meal and damages. Xiaoqian, let’s go.”

“Brother, his cousin is the deputy commissioner, we…” Qian Xiaoqian spoke worriedly after they left the restaurant.

“No problem, just how high up is the deputy commissioner!? He won’t care about a trifle like this. Since we’re full, where else do you want to go?”

Police sirens sounded not long after Fatty and Qian Xiaoqian left. A police car quickly pulled up, a testament to how efficient the local police were.

The deputy commissioner, a man in his mid-twenties, exclaimed with great surprise. “What? One person? One of him put down the six of you?” 

‘’Yeah, cousin. You have to take revenge for me. I wanna skin that fatty alive!” The young man continued to bend his back without being able to straighten it.

“A fatty? What did he look like?” “I didn’t see him clearly, but he had tattoos, so we’ll be able to find him easily,” the young man spat.

“Tattoos? Fatty? Was it an azure dragon on the left, a white tiger on the right, and a white rat in the middle?” the deputy commissioner quickly asked.

“Yeah, hey, cuz, how do you know?” The young man looked at his cousin suspiciously.

“How do I know? You little bastard, your parents sent you over here to study, but you keep on causing trouble for me! Now screw off! And don’t mention this to anyone!”


“F*ck off.”After he’d shooed his cousin away, the deputy commissioner lit a cigarette and shook his head with a smile.

“That damn fatty, we really haven’t met in quite a few years.”


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