Show Me The Money

Show Me The Money

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Wu Shao Ling 武少陵
Selutu and ALy
Goddamnit! Now I’ve got to look for another job to pay the bills! That f*cker! I did nothing wrong!
Huh? What’s that? Eternal, a full dive VRMMORPG that gives you the chance to make real money? Perfect, that’s exactly what I need!
Now… What class should I pick?
Warrior? No, I don’t want to tank.
Knight? Please, I already said I hate tanking.
Healer? Oh God, please don’t make me babysit people.
Archer? Mage? No, I’ll be too far from the loot!
Rogue? Seems nice. We can steal stuff too? Perfect!
Now…. Show me the gold! Show me the cash! Show me the money!
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4 months ago
This looks like an interesting one. The mc is funy and the flow of novel is easy and entertaining so far(as of 15th char). There's 1 downside that I hope will be fixed the pictures are broken and don't load, as they are used to supply user account information that makes it difficult to follow the progression as not all lvl ups or stat allocations are written(some are skipped). Overall it reminds me of (Rebirth of thiev who roamed the world) except there's no rebirth and the guy is op from probably military background or something similar('as he's jobless currently). This all I can say for now. Feel free to try and enjoy this and I hope they will fix the pictures soon.

a month ago
Show Me The Second Chapter!

Honestly, I think I ruined my sleep cycle because of this novel. I started reading it about 4 or 5 days ago, and pushed hard these last 2 days. I got like 2 hours of sleep this morning... 😴😴😴.

Anyway, it is truly a fun read. A bit nonsensical in terms of game mechanics and balance, but fun and engaging all the same, almost at all times. It robbed me about 9-10 hours of sleep in 2 days after all.

The world building and monster diversity are really good. There is almost never a repetition of content throughout the novel regarding this.

The characters are also fun and have their own personalities.. They each bring something to the novel. I can always tell who is whom, and almost recall every named character, minor, major or supporting. The author did a really damn good job in character creation and interaction. It's almost unreal; this is very, very rare. Of course, none of them really have their history/backstory explained, they also got no closure either; but they are all very likeable and real.

I also have to applaud the author for keeping the "Young Master" and "face slapping" to an absolute minimum. There are probably less than a handful of examples present in the novel. But thankfully not the plethora of regurgitation that these types of Chinese novels are 1,000% guilty of recycling endlessly throughout 99% of their novels.

The ending is also a bit rushed. But it's an open ending, so it's difficult to complain about that...

My one complaint about this novel, is the disconnect from reality. After a while, the author simply stopped caring about stuff outside of the game. There were simply too many things left hanging. Basically, nothing outside of the game got explained or had any form of conclusion. Fatty's history and why he's such a badass can at most be speculated to be some kind of special forces or ex underground/mobster lifestyle, as there's no confirmation, evidence, or explanation of his background. Even the setting of the novel was only hinted to be Beijing once. Some clans were mentioned to be from Beijing many times, but Fatty's specific location was only hinted that single time.

This novel still needs a lot of work, especially in the department of closure. Of course, the author left an open ending, suggesting a sequel of some sort. So I can only hope these are all addressed in the next book. But all in all, this novel is very entertaining.

The translation also has quite a few hiccups and a decent amount of typos here and there, but nothing too distracting or frustrating. These typos aren't whole sentences or chapters like some of the annoyingly crafted novels on here that seem more like a preliminary draft, rather than a completed and published work. A once-over edit can easily solve this, so it can't really be called a huge issue.

a month ago
Not recommended
** Dropped at 30 chapters **

The goal of this story was easy and simple with the title basically answering it, the MC is trying to make money. Minimal character development and world building but that could be implemented later possibly.

The jarring diaoluge with people constantly arguing over everything and the way conflicts started I couldn't get into and read. People constantly being interested in what little thing the MC or Fatty did was also a little off putting.

The final thing that distracted me was some of the mechanics of the game world the MC explores, the experience and the reward system for kills seemed off and how it was disturbed. This of course might change later but was hard to read overall and I didn't want to continue.

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