Chapter 0: Prologue

“What is this…”

I rubbed my face vigorously, pulling on both cheeks and slapping my face. Of course, it hurt terribly, which meant that this was not a dream.

"It's amazing..."

The hair, once sparse due to festered skin, now lushly covered my scalp in a deep, pitch-black shade, and the burn mark that marred half of my face was completely gone. The reflection in the mirror revealed a younger version of myself, reminiscent of my time as a trainee at a small agency.

I spent half the day gazing at my intact face. It wasn’t until it got too dark to see my own reflection properly that I finally turned around to explore my surroundings.

"...Wait a minute."

‘This isn't a dream? Why?’

I had reverted to the appearance of my teenage years. Whether I checked the calendar or the date inside an old flip phone, it was undeniable—I had returned to the past.

A shiver ran down my spine as an eerie euphoria washed over me. I then slapped my face like a mad person, only to realize that this was not a dream. I had been granted a second chance!


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