Second Try Idol

Second Try Idol

6 Reviews
Six years after being ousted from his debut group due to facial burns, Suh Hyun-Woo finds himself regressing back to his days as a trainee, engulfed once more in the world of ruthless competition.
This time, he's determined: he will make his debut, no matter what it takes.
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132 Chapters
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Titan/ROK Media


Original work ⓒTinta / Rokmedia

Launch date: 19 January 2024

Editor: 🍕 Thready Mercury 🍕

Release rate: 7 chapters a week

6 Reviews
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3 months ago
I don't normally leave reviews, nor am I good at writing them. But seeing as this novel doesn't currently have any, I thought I'd recommend this.

The story's pretty chill and lighthearted because it's not really a 'struggle' to the top, as the MC did go back in time with years of experience, but it's relatively entertaining. If one enjoys KPop or the Idol/entertainment industry then they might enjoy this novel.

I've heard from some people that say some of the setting isn't entirely realistic on portraying how the KPop industry works or the such, but considering this novels fantastical setting of 'went back in time' I can forgive such ignorance (and also because I, myself, don't exactly know how it works, so the story isn't as jarring/just flows for me.)

Also, this novel already has an official manhwa on Tapas, and has been releasing new chapters weekly for some time, so I was pleasantly surprised to see it pop up on Wuxiaworld. Go check it out if you want some visuals for the novel.

3 months ago
Looking at the first 24 chapters, it's a comfy story. You clearly know who the bad ones are, who's the good ones, and where we're going with this story. That doesn't mean it's not a good story. If the pacing stays the same, it'll be a good read for long days where you just want some relaxing fluffiness of enjoyable.

Also I've added these words because I'm a person of few words and reviews are length based, so go on this journey with me as I extend the review by fourty words after having said everything I wanted to say.

3 months ago
I am currently on Chapter 29. If you're a fan of ioi, Wanna One, iz*one, fromis_9, and all of the other kpop survival idol forms, you will enjoy this bit of fluff. Hell, it even directly references Rapstar. It's a great Mary Sue story of what a team could do with the industry knowledge of just a few years behind the scenes. I also thoroughly appreciate how quickly it moves on from "I'm from the future I have foreknowledge to choices made to steal others good fortune!" I will say it helps fill the hole "Life, Once Again" was hitting about the Korean entertainment industry but clearly heavier on the caricatures. Still too early to tell if it will pull the emotions and the mental imagery like LOA or surpass it in a way I don't expect. For now, a very fun read with referential winks to reality (*Pick me Pick me Pick Me Up!!*)

If you aren't interested in another view of kpop idol lifestyle (curious if we get more gimpses into dorm life that's not extrapolated from reality shows) and the kpop entertainment engine, then there are certainly other slice-of-life episodic stories to choose instead of this one.

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3 months ago

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