Chapter 983: Defeating the Junior Superintendent

This junior superintendent seemed to have an unending supply of powerful secret magics, each of which could be completely deadly in nature.

This staff of adjudication was far, far stronger than the Martial-God Hegemon-King Heaven-Propping Pillar. Once erected, it could not be toppled, and in fact, it was not really a pillar, but rather a dao of gods, a type of faith, or a path of martyrs.

This divine ability of the Executors of the Ancient Road represented magical rules, natural laws, and the dao of adjudication. Once it was unleashed, anyone who faced it would be suppressed and find it impossible to fight back. Anyone who was under the level of the legion of gods would be forced to be docile and obedient. After all, the Executors of the Ancient Road had been given their power by the legion of gods.

However, Yang Qi wasn’t feeling any pressure at all. He was the owner of the God Legion Seal, and had cultivated the True-Devil Unspoiled-by-Myriad-Kalpas-and-Tribulations Body. What was more, he was the successor of the seventy-two monarchs, all of whom were invincible entities that had existed above the ordinary members of the legion of gods.

The legion of gods could not suppress Yang Qi. No. He would suppress the legion of gods!

“So you're relying on a technique like that to attack me?” Yang Qi said. “Very funny. Prepare to taste defeat, Junior Superintendent. It's time for you to realize that the era of the Executors of the Ancient Road is a thing of the past. Permanently.”

He thrust his left hand out with the tribulations of the Unspoiled Body. And with his right hand, he drew on the Seventy-Two Monarchs Energy Art. He slipped some of the Strength of the Hell-Crushing Godmammoth into that combination, making sure it was in a way that no one would be able to detect.

“The Seventy-Two Monarchs Energy Art!?” the junior superintendent blurted in shock. Never would he have guessed that Yang Qi would suddenly switch to such a ferocious move. This was a killing tactic, and it was unleashed with such incredible speed that Yang Qi almost immediately had the upper hand. His left hand was hard and unyielding, filled with myriad kalpas and tribulations. His right hand was piercing and filled with killing intent, inner strength, and undefeatable true energy.

This was the first time in all history that three energy arts such as this had been combined in battle.

The extended time Yang Qi had spent in the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart working on his cultivation had pushed his energy arts to a peak level. However, the process had left behind flaws. Furthermore, he had been unable to unleash the new abilities with casual ease. However, thanks to the pressure of this fight with the junior superintendent, and the tempering provided by Wretch-God Ultimate's Obsidian Flame, the impurities within him had been extruded. And fighting back and forth over a thousand rounds of combat had given him extremely important experience. Now he was at an almost perfect state, able to release his combination of three powerful energy arts in a way that conformed to the dao of heaven and was virtually matchless in nature.

Everyone present was now able to see how mighty Yang Qi’s cultivation base and fighting prowess were. He seemed like the kind of person who could fight forever without getting tired, as though he were connected to the power of the god world, giving him inexhaustible true energy.


He attacked again with both hands, causing a profound and enigmatic stream of energy to flow out and hit the enormous pillar, resulting in masses of black smoke pouring out.

The junior superintendent staggered backward several paces. It was his first time actually retreating!

“Damn you!” he said, his face turning scarlet. “I can’t believe you forced me back. Fine. You’re going to die now! Anybody in the world who does something like this to me will BE KILLED!”

All of a sudden, his energy started to skyrocket.


It was as though an egg had cracked open inside of him, releasing streams of god fire, not to use as an attack on an enemy, but purely to shatter a high-level power within him. That power was godhood, and he was using some sort of secret magic to break it down. In turn, burning quintessence energy and fire raged through him.

In the blink of an eye, his power and cultivation base climbed to a peak level, and his energy arts improved by at least double. Each palm he unleashed would now be filled with boundless, godly might, the kind that could shake lands and rock mountains, and cause stars to fall from the sky.

Yang Qi exhaled sharply as he blocked the incoming attacks. He could tell that his opponent was burning godhood with a secret magic, a tactic that he could emulate with the Engine of the One God. However, he was determined not to do so in this fight.

He wanted to rely only on his energy arts.

Now that the junior superintendent had boosted his energy arts, it was impossible for Yang Qi to defend himself like before. The force from the blows entered him, bringing with them some of the quintessence energy of the godhood that hadn’t been fully assimilated by the junior superintendent. And that, Yang Qi was able to take with King Heaven-Devourer’s true energy.

He currently had King Heaven-Devourer’s talismans sealed in the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart. However, he didn’t need them to use certain heaven-devouring techniques, such as this one, to absorb true energy sent in by an opponent.

A normal person who was hit by the junior superintendent’s true energy in this way would have had their meridians and sea of energy explode. But Yang Qi could take any type of true energy and turn it into kalpas and tribulations.

And the more tribulations he experienced, the stronger he got.

Just like that, the junior superintendent unleashed a bevy of palm strikes that put Yang Qi at a disadvantage. However, he didn’t collapse. Furthermore, as the junior superintendent burned through the godhood energy, Yang Qi’s counterstrikes grew more and more intense.

The sectlord nodded inwardly. ‘This Yang Qi is really incredible. It seems to me that there’s no way he can be beaten. But I wonder what other tricks the junior superintendent has up his sleeves. He seems to have an unending supply of divine abilities, plus, he hasn’t used any magical treasures yet. Will he?’


The junior superintendent burned through a piece of godhood, then immediately detonated a second piece, causing burning quintessence energy to pour through him. Yet again, he pressed the attack, keeping the upper hand against Yang Qi.

“How much godhood do you have?” Yang Qi said.

“An endless amount! Running low on true energy, huh? Let’s see you keep fighting after you run out!” Seeing that Yang Qi was gasping for breath, the junior superintendent was convinced that burning his godhood had been the right choice. Obviously, his opponent was starting to run out of energy, which meant that, after over a thousand moves, victory was in sight.

Sadly for him, it was just a ploy on Yang Qi’s part, who was actually benefiting greatly from the situation. The junior superintendent was not thoroughly breaking down the godhood, which meant that, as it entered Yang Qi, he was able to absorb it. What was more, it was pure godhood power that had already been thoroughly refined, leaving it free of impurities.

For all intents and purposes, the junior superintendent was acting like a kind benefactor for Yang Qi, helping him boost his cultivation and true energy.

It almost wasn't a fight, but rather a one-way transfer of energy.


The junior superintendent burned a third piece of godhood. Meanwhile, in the hopes of keeping the ruse up for as long as possible, Yang Qi was putting on a big show of being in a bad position. He even let himself get hit in the shoulder, then let blood spray out of his mouth as a result.

Many in the audience cried out in alarm, and An Yiru screamed.

However, Peaklord Memory’s face remained a motionless mask.

Meanwhile, the junior superintendent seemed enlivened by what was happening, and unleashed more attacks. He drew on all sorts of godly-class energy arts, sending one deadly move after another right at Yang Qi.

After the junior superintendent burned through the sixth piece of godhood, he clearly had the advantage, but still hadn’t seized victory. By this point, reason dictated that Yang Qi should have lost. Yet he seemed to slip out of every deadly situation, to the point where people were now starting to suspect that something strange was going on.

Even the junior superintendent was starting to wonder what was happening. However, he wasn't ready to throw in the towel quite yet, because it still seemed like he was just on the verge of defeating Yang Qi.

Thus, he fought with increased intensity and began burning his godhood at an even faster rate. Thankfully, he had a huge amount to work with, which meant that he could fight for a long time without really worrying about it.


He hit Yang Qi square in the chest with a fist, causing him to stagger backward. However, instead of coughing up blood, white steam began rising from the top of his head.

‘Yes!’ the junior superintendent thought, delighted. ‘I finally damaged his nascent divinity!’ To see white steam rising up meant that the nascent divinity in the sea of consciousness had been damaged, and that was a much worse situation than losing some blood.

“I refuse to give up!” Yang Qi shouted valiantly, making it seem like he was going to fight to the death. “I can tell you’re burning godhood with a secret magic, Junior Superintendent. But you're obviously not taking time to dissolve the impurities that are building up. All I have to do is wait until they build up to a level that’s too high for you to handle. That's when I’ll achieve victory!”

“You complete and utter moron!” the junior superintendent said, laughing. “I’m inherently able to extrude such impurities. And the godhood I have has already been purified by an almighty entity from the Ancient Road to the Gods. You guessed completely wrong. So that's what's been keeping you going this whole time? Sorry to say, you have no chance of coming out of this alive.”

Burning another huge piece of godhood, he continued attacking with mountain-toppling, sea-draining force. However, he still wasn't able to defeat Yang Qi.

At a certain point, he frowned, wondering why Yang Qi was able to take so much punishment. Would he never die? How was his final bit of dying energy able to keep him going this long?

Little did he know that dramatic transformations were occurring within Yang Qi.

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