Chapter 974: Enemies Approach

Of the fifty mountain peaks in the Will Manifestation Heaven Sect, the most powerful was Celestial Peak.

There were often top experts who gathered there to train, attend classes, spar, improve their daoist techniques, and get more combat experience. And the chief disciple, Emperor Heart-Celestial, would provide feedback and instruction to help them.

If a thousand people cultivated the same energy arts, those individuals’ fundamental differences would mean that they would each experience different pros and cons. Therefore, individual and customized instruction was the best way to achieve good results. It was a massive undertaking to perfect every aspect of one’s energy arts and reach the ultimate peak of one’s potential.

It was thanks to Emperor Heart-Celestial that there were so many talented individuals on Celestial Peak. A hardworking chief disciple could lead a mountain peak to honor and glory, especially if the other disciples had been building solid foundations for millions upon millions of years.

The teaching methods on Celestial Peak had not changed for the past hundred million years. At the moment, the disciples there weren’t sparring or dueling, but were instead focused on a single match between two female disciples, one from Memory Peak and the other from Celestial Peak.

Both of them had similar power indexes of roughly two thousand five hundred. Generally speaking, they were evenly matched, although the disciple from Celestial Peak had a somewhat deeper understanding of energy arts.

Despite that, the disciple from Memory Peak had the upper hand in the fight. She wielded her sword with fluid ease as she fought with one of the signature techniques of the Will Manifestation Heaven Sect: the Sentimental Sword Technique, a suite of profound first-class sword moves that was built on sentiment.

The other disciple was also using the Sentimental Sword Technique, thus it was really a contest to see who was more skilled with it.

Both disciples were using the exact same moves on each other as they fought back and forth.

Sword light shimmered as they clashed, and shockwaves of sword energy rolled out as their blades touched each other.

After one particular clash, the disciple from Celestial Peak shivered, and her eyes glittered. Suddenly, she shifted her tactics, becoming one with her sword as she lunged to take advantage of a weakness she had spotted in the other disciple’s techniques.

“Good job, Junior Sister! Your command of the move Glance Back and Smile couldn’t be more refined!”

“Incredible. A sneak attack with Glance Back and Smile is perfect for this situation.”

Everyone in the audience began to cheer loudly.

However, even as the sword light closed in on the disciple from Memory Peak, she also shifted tactics, almost as if she had anticipated this development. Her sword flashed, and it was with spectacular skill that she attacked her opponent's sword, chopping it in half.

Letting out a shout of surprise, the disciple from Celestial Peak staggered backward, her face ashen.

“Stop fighting!” Emperor Heart-Celestial said.

The disciple from Memory Peak quickly sheathed her sword. “Elder Brother Emperor, I was instructed to come here to Celestial Peak to compare sword techniques with you. Elder Brother Yang Qi said that the methods of Celestial Peak are incredible, and that we have a lot to learn from you. I didn’t come here to cause problems.”

“I know,” Emperor Heart-Celestial replied, nodding. “Brother Yang Qi is truly incredible. When he and I sparred by the blood river, neither of us came out on top. Later, he walked across the river to the temple, and although he didn’t get any godhood, the mere fact that he made it out alive after Lord Blood River and those Terrifying fiend-devils started fighting just goes to show how resilient he is. Everyone in the sect has been shocked by the effects of his teachings over the last few months on Memory Peak. I've heard that even a single word from him can provide enlightenment and perfect wisdom. At first, I found it hard to believe, but now I can see that it's true. When you used the move Broken-Hearted and Despondent, you revealed that your will is perfectly attuned to your sword technique. Presumably you achieved that with the help of Brother Yang Qi?”

“That’s exactly right, Elder Brother Emperor,” the disciple replied, a melancholic look on her face. Some time ago, she had a boyfriend whom she loved dearly. Sadly, he died on a mission, after which she sank into a deep depression and even contemplated suicide. As a result, her energy arts had regressed to the point where she was almost useless.

When Yang Qi found out about her situation, he provided her with a bit of advice. “Only powerful emotions can drive a powerful sword,” he had said. His simple advice opened her mind and heart.

After that, her energy arts advanced rapidly, as she used her deep love for her lost boyfriend to improve her Sentimental Sword Technique. Soon her skill reached a new peak, and her psychic scale also improved.

Just now, she had used a move from the Sentimental Sword Technique called Broken-Hearted and Despondent. In the past, that move had meant little to her, but when she used it now, she was nearly invincible.

It was all thanks to Yang Qi, who encouraged everyone to imbue their energy arts with their own personal experiences, with spectacular results.

Even Emperor Heart-Celestial was secretly shocked at this young woman’s progress. Furthermore, he could tell that his own mastery of energy arts couldn't match up to Yang Qi’s. ‘Although he was strong back when we fought by the blood river,’ he thought, ‘he wasn't at this level. Did he come across some good fortune in that temple? Or did he unlock some hidden potential within himself? Whatever happened, it's a blessing for the Will Manifestation Heaven Sect to have someone like him in it. I should go to Memory Peak and see if I can learn a thing or two from him.’

Emperor Heart-Celestial was an open-minded person, and not the type to get overly competitive. Furthermore, he knew that Yang Qi had a similar personality, and was truly happy to have him as an asset to the sect.

It was an age of chaos, in which wretch-devils abounded and the Executors of the Ancient Road were on the rise again. To cultivators of both righteous and wretched daos, the executors were the greatest enemy of all. After all, no one knew how to reach the end of the Ancient Road to the Gods. In times like these, there was no guarantee that even a superpower like the Will Manifestation Heaven Sect was safe from the other forces at play.

Because of that, the more experts a sect had, the better.

Nodding, he said, “You’re doing very well in your cultivation, Junior Sister. Given some time, you’ll achieve incredible things. And it's good that Brother Yang Qi sent you here today. It was a timely reminder. Disciples of Celestial Peak, prepare to head to Memory Peak to pay a formal visit!”


In response to his orders, all of the disciples from Celestial Peak flew toward Memory Peak, attracting quite a bit of attention along the way.

“Don’t tell me Celestial Peak is going to go pick a fight with Memory Peak!”

“Why is everyone from Celestial Peak on the move?”

“What exactly is Emperor Heart-Celestial planning to do?”

Upon arriving at Memory Peak, Emperor Heart-Celestial laughed heartily and said, “Brother Yang Qi, I’ve come to ask for some advice. Little did I know that a single word from you could provide perfect wisdom, or that you could spur your audience to such impressive progress. Your disciples have made incredible advancement recently. I've brought my own disciples here to see if we can have an exchange of ideas, and perhaps help each other to progress even further.”

“You came at just the right time, my friend. Celestial Peak is the top mountain peak, with countless expert disciples. It's a real honor for Memory Peak to have you come for a visit.” Yang Qi sent out a stream of golden light which opened the way for the disciples from Celestial Peak to enter Memory Peak.

It was at this point that everyone realized Emperor Heart-Celestial wasn’t out to cause trouble, but rather to have a sincere exchange of friendship.

The main square on Memory Peak was large enough to fit a million people. And although there were a lot of disciples on both mountain peaks, their combined number didn’t surpass ten thousand. All of the disciples on the mountain peaks were considered elite experts. After all, only the best of the best from the lower courtyards could ascend to the mountain peaks.

Of course, even the disciples in the courtyards were widely considered to be invincible fighters. And each courtyard contained trillions of members.

From that it could be seen how much of an honor it was to practice cultivation on the mountain peaks.

It was a rare thing for someone to join the sect and immediately become one of the most important people on one of the mountain peaks, which went to show how valuable Yang Qi was to the sect.

Even if someone on the level of the mahātmā fiend-devil from earlier had joined the sect, they would only be promoted to the position of elder, which didn't count for anything compared to the mountain peaks.

The disciples from both mountain peaks settled down opposite each other in the square, and Emperor Heart-Celestial looked at Yang Qi with admiring eyes.

“Brother Emperor Heart-Celestial, since you've brought all of your disciples here today, why don't we exchange tips? Whatever problems or weaknesses we perceive in the other, we can offer advice to correct.”

Normally speaking, the fifty mountain peaks were at each other's throats, so for Emperor Heart-Celestial to come in good faith like this was a real rarity.

However, Yang Qi suspected that there was more to his open-mindedness than met the eye.

Even as the disciples from the two peaks prepared to exchange pointers, there was a buzz of activity deep in the main palace. Then, a voice spoke, filling the entire sect.

“All peaklords and chief disciples are to select three top subordinates and come to the receiving hall to welcome visiting Executors of the Ancient Road.”

The voice was accompanied by tolling bells. Furthermore, from the tone of the voice, it was obvious that the speaker was not happy, and was actually warning the disciples of the sect that enemies were approaching.


Rising to his feet in shock, Emperor Heart-Celestial said, “This is big. Are the Executors of the Ancient Road here? I'm afraid our impromptu gathering will need to be postponed, Brother Yang Qi. We need to head to the main palace immediately!”

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