Chapter 972: Perfectly Matched

Yang Qi had managed to take two incredible techniques and match them together perfectly. By properly adjusting his true energy, he could unleash the power of the Unspoiled Body with one hand, and the Hand of the One God with the other. And he could summon a projected arm of true energy to simultaneously draw on the Seventy-Two Monarchs Energy Art.

Of course, considering that he couldn’t combine the two major types of energy yet, it was obvious that he couldn’t add in a third type, like the Seventy-Two Monarchs Energy Art. Having three types of energy interlocked in his sea of energy would be too much for his constitution.

However, if he did do that, it would make his cultivation base beyond terrifying. He would likely be able to vanquish the legion of gods with those three techniques combined. Unfortunately, that combination was not something that humans could sustain without exploding from the force.

That said, even just having those three types of energy within him, uncombined, was a big drain on his energy, and it required the help of numerous magical treasures to sustain. In any case, releasing two of the techniques, one with each hand, perfectly matched, didn’t necessarily make him unparalleled under heaven, but in combination with Terrifying will, it would make him virtually invincible.

Even now, he was fairly certain he could fight a Terrifying expert without being at such a disadvantage. Before, he would likely have met a grisly end in a fight like that, unless he escaped to the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart. But now things were different.

Unfortunately, there would be some major side-effects to cultivating the two techniques simultaneously. The stronger he became, and the tougher his nascent divinity grew, the more difficult it would be to break through to the Terrifying level.

The level of difficulty was already sky high.

Thankfully, he had roughly thirty pieces of godhood, so if he could get his hands on the psychic scaling systems, it wouldn’t necessarily be impossible to achieve a breakthrough.

After all, those systems were incredible on their own, so one could only imagine how spectacular they would be in combination with the engine.

The Cruiser of Civilization resembled King Heaven-Devourer’s talismans insofar as every additional part that was added would provide immediate and obvious improvements. Once he had the psychic scaling systems working with the vivicreation systems, genetic systems, power assessment systems, strength god systems, and imperial-heaven pre-beginning systems, the immense boost in power would be unimaginable.

In fact, that combination would definitely prove to be even more useful than the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart. In the end, the chart would surpass the cruiser, but the chart required that he improve his own cultivation level to access its abilities, as opposed to the cruiser, which operated on pure power. Even the weakest person in the world could operate the Cruiser of Civilization.

Yang Qi could tell that, with his recent advancements, he would not be making sudden cultivation progress any time soon. Ceasing his cultivation, he pulled out an object that almost looked like an enormous sheet. ‘Let’s see what this talisman is all about. If it was designed to seal Lord Blood River, it must be incredible.’

One of the Executors of the Ancient Road had created this sealing talisman to restrain Lord Blood River, and according to what Yang Qi had heard from the fiend-devils, it was a vastly powerful treasure.

When he sent some divine will into it, he sensed some sort of magical aura inside. There were clearly magical techniques, magical powers, magical laws, as well as magical and natural rules that were all designed to bind and restrict nascent divinities, kill the physical form, and wear down the mind.

True-Devil Unspoiled-by-Myriad-Kalpas-and-Tribulations!

Drawing on his newest devil-based energy art, Yang Qi tried to assimilate the talisman. Immediately, it began trembling, and sparks began showering out of it.

As the sparks landed onto Yang Qi, they stung like fire, which was quite a surprise, considering his foundation. His cultivation base was beyond the compare of virtually all other people, so the fact that little sparks like this could cause him pain indicated that they were profoundly incredible.


Yang Qi moved his hands out in a circular motion, sending a stream of true energy out to confine the sparks. The energy wrapped around the sparks, but shockingly, it only held for a moment before the sparks exploded out again. When the sparks hit his pearl bracelet, one of the pearls exploded, and a scream rang out as a fiend-devil with a power index of two thousand five hundred died instantly. [1]

Then another spark caused another pearl to explode, and then another. Monsters were dying one after another, and Yang Qi couldn’t have been more shocked.

Soon, it became obvious that these sparks could destroy fiftieth ranked immortal worlds, and were stronger than any imaginable magical treasure. It was no wonder they hurt when they hit him.

Next, Yang Qi amped things up by adding in the Strength of the Hell-Crushing Godmammoth, and the sparks stopped as a result. The talisman began trembling, then shrank down until it was a yellow paper talisman about one inch wide and seven inches long, which Yang Qi absorbed. [2]


Within his sea of energy, there was a sphere of true energy that was the Strength of the Hell-Crushing Godmammoth, and within that, the paper talisman looked like a little fish that had just been released into the ocean, happily swimming back and forth.

From what Yang Qi could tell, the talisman was some sort of treasure that actually conformed to the true energy of the Strength of the Hell-Crushing Godmammoth. In other words, his true energy could stimulate the talisman, and the talisman could benefit his true energy.

‘What exactly is this thing? All I know is that it comes from the Executors of the Ancient Road. It’s incredible! Considering what it can do, I’d say it’s highly likely that it was created along with the quintessence and blood of godmammoths from the god world.’

Even better, keeping the talisman in the true energy of the Strength of the Hell-Crushing Godmammoth wouldn’t cause any conflicts, and wouldn’t result in any dependency-devils.

As for the Engine of the One God, he left it sealed in the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart in order to avoid any dependency on it.

Having handled all the important matters at hand, and also having improved his energy arts, Yang Qi finally flew back to the Will Manifestation Heaven Sect.

None of the disciples dared to get in his way, and in fact, most of them looked at him with open veneration and respect.

“Hey, look. That’s Elder Brother Yang Qi from Memory Peak. I heard his cultivation base is enigmatically high. In the Land of God Extermination, he defeated the experts from Nāropa Peak and Spiritwall Peak. He also defeated Emperor Rain, then fought to a draw with Emperor Heart-Celestial, the chief disciple from Celestial Peak.”

“He even defeated the insufferably arrogant Sorrow Might from Grand Might Peak. I heard that Sorrow Might was to receive a baptism that would push him into the Terrifying level. But now that he was beaten so badly in a fight, I doubt that’s going to happen.”

“A lot of important people hate him now. In fact, I’ve heard that some of the peaklords have passed down orders to teach him a very hard lesson if possible.”

“But Peaklord Memory is no one to take lightly. Normally speaking, conflicts between disciples are ignored, but if the elders and peaklords get involved, it's a totally different story.”

“You’re right. But I bet Yang Qi isn't worried about that. Didn’t you notice that big disturbance in the temple on the blood river? Even some of the old-timers were surprised by it. It was probably some sort of devil tribulation.”

“Oh yeah, that’s right! What happened? Did he actually pass a devil tribulation?”

“He’s so strong!”

Yang Qi had earned a name so quickly that none of the disciples dared to be disrespectful to him, and even some of the higher-ups in the sect were leery of him.

Ignoring it all, Yang Qi headed to Memory Peak.

An Yiru was waiting for him there, and when she saw him, exclaimed, “When did you get back, Yang Qi? Are you alright? Considering the disturbance in that temple, did you get any godhood?”

“No, I stumbled onto a bunch of fiend-devils in the middle of some sort of meeting. There were even some Terrifying experts.” Even if Yang Qi told the truth, there was no way anyone would believe him. And if they did, it would involve revealing some of his most important secrets. “They hatched a plot to release Lord Blood River, and it succeeded. They all started fighting, and I took advantage of the chaos to sneak away. In the end, I have no idea where the godhood was. Ai, I'm just lucky to have escaped with my life.”

“So that's what happened. How horrifying.” An Yiru completely believed him. After all, she had received some behind-the-scenes information, and given the circumstances, it made sense that Yang Qi would have failed to get any godhood. With Terrifying experts on the scene, he would have been completely focused on just trying to stay alive. “Well, you might not have gotten any godhood, but the entire sect is already talking about your fights on the shore of the blood river. And that includes the disciples in the outer courtyards, such as the Courtyard of Monastic Discipline, Courtyard of the Martial Dao, Courtyard of True Energy, Courtyard of Empty Light, and so on. Furthermore, the council of chief elders has taken note, and they want to meet you.”

The courtyards she had mentioned were subsidiary organizations of the mountain peaks. There were fifty mountain peaks and eight thousand courtyards, all of them like sects of their own. And although none of them had Terrifying experts, many had people with power indexes over three thousand.

1. He made the pearl bracelet in chapter 962.

2. Yellow paper talismans are a real thing from Daoism. Here’s a link to a google image search.

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