Chapter 957: Emperor Heart-Celestial

Who could ever have guessed that Sorrow Might, the chief disciple of Grand Might Peak, would be defeated so quickly? Yang Qi hit him so hard that he coughed up massive amounts of blood and then simply passed out. It was an extraordinary shame and humiliation for him.

The onlookers were already having whispered conversations about it, and the disciples from Grand Might Peak were clearly livid. In fact, if it weren’t for the fact that they had all just witnessed how vicious Yang Qi was, they might have rushed out and tried to beat him to death. But they knew that would be suicide. This was the Land of God Extermination, and if they ended up tossed into the blood river, they would be wiped out of existence.

“He couldn’t even stand up to a single blow!” Yang Qi said. Clasping his hands behind his back, he smiled faintly. Inside, he harmonized his energy flows and was back to his peak state within moments. Truth be told, it had been a big drain of energy to strike that blow against Sorrow Might. Being in the Land of God Extermination made it very difficult to absorb power. Thankfully, he had gained enlightenment during the fight, and knew that once he left this place, his will convergence would definitely reach a higher level.

“Get up, Sorrow Might,” Emperor Heart-Celestial said. Pulling Sorrow Might up, he put a medicinal pill in his mouth and sent some true energy into him. A moment later, Sorrow Might had recovered his senses, whereupon he shouted, “How dare you attack me without warning, brat!”

“Attack without warning?” Emperor Heart-Celestial said. “There’s no such thing. I believe in being ready at all times. People who cultivate energy arts to our level should never be caught off guard. The truth, Sorrow Might, is that you’re just not as good as him. And sadly, your mental state makes you unfit to use the psychic scaling systems of the Cruiser of Civilization. The godhood here would be wasted on you.”

“Fine!” Sorrow Might spat. “Grand Might Peak admits defeat today. Disciples, follow me, we’re leaving!”

They left in shame, forfeiting any claim to the godhood.

Yang Qi had defeated three famous experts in a row: Bright Fatality, Emperor Rain, and Sorrow Might. Many people present were now looking at Yang Qi in either admiration or fear.

As for An Yiru, she was inwardly delighted. ‘Yang Qi might be a bit brash, but he's boosting the reputation of Memory Peak. Going forward, we’ll definitely have enough renown to do as we please. I almost can’t believe that some random person I recruited turned out to be this incredible!’

Yang Qi really was just a random recruit. And considering she had originally hoped that he would develop into a powerful person later on, it was obviously a surprise that he was already so strong.

“Does anyone else want to challenge Memory Peak for that godhood?” Yang Qi said loudly. His gaze fell onto Xie Spiritwall from Spiritwall Peak. “What about you, Xie Spiritwall? Want to have a go? I remember how you took a cheap shot on me when I joined the sect. Why don’t we have a little duel right here and now? We can finally decide who is superior, Spiritwall Peak or Memory Peak! If you’re too scared to fight, then kindly screw the hell off.”

Yang Qi’s words were so insulting that Xie Spiritwall’s face first turned bright red, then pale white. Back when he attacked Yang Qi without warning, he had hoped to drop him with one shot. How could he possibly have imagined that Yang Qi would be this strong?

“Come on, let’s go!” Yang Qi said, pointing at him. “If you don’t, then from now on, I'm not going to call you Xie Spiritwall, I'm going to call you Xie Turtle! Because that's what you are, a turtle who hides in his shell!

Xie Spiritwall couldn’t just stand there in the face of such merciless insults. Snorting coldly, he stepped forward. “You really think I'm scared of you, brat? You beat Sorrow Might by catching him off guard in a dishonorable attack, but I’m not Sorrow Might. How dare you raise your voice to me! Fine, I’ll fight you. After all, you've got to be on the verge of running out of true energy.”


Suddenly, he moved with indescribable speed, appearing behind Yang Qi with a sword in hand, which he stabbed directly toward his back.

Yang Qi spun, his five fingers becoming hooks that flew toward the sword. Apparently, he wasn’t even the least bit afraid of how sharp the sword was. However, before anything else could happen, Xie Spiritwall blurred into motion, appearing yet again behind Yang Qi and attacking again in the same manner.

Yang Qi once again tried to grab the sword, but Xie Spiritwall was too fast, and in the blink of an eye, was behind him again. Whatever technique he was using, it was extremely enigmatic.

Nodding, Emperor Heart-Celestial said, “So, Xie Spiritwall, you finally mastered the Heaven-Roaming Paramount-Revolution God Ability. You really came prepared today. The next time our fifty mountain peaks gather together for a tournament, you’ll definitely dominate the other competitors. Perhaps you’ll end up being the one baptized by the psychic scaling systems.”

Xie Spiritwall chuckled coldly. “You’re right, I did master the Heaven-Roaming Paramount-Revolution God Ability. I’d hoped to keep it as a trump card, but considering how viciously this brat has been bullying people, I have no choice but to use it on him. He’ll soon learn that there is always a heaven beyond heaven, and there are always people more important than you. Soon enough, that arrogance of his will be wiped out for all eternity!”

Even as the words left his mouth, Xie Spiritwall’s sword moved with increasing speed and ferocity, always stabbing toward Yang Qi’s back no matter how he turned or spun.

Suddenly, Yang Qi stopped moving and let loose a thunderous roar as he sent a burst of empyrean energy out roughly a meter around him, creating a boundless land of purity. It was none other than his God Legion Paradise.

He did this in the exact same moment that Xie Spiritwall tried to stab him with his sword. Unexpectedly, the sword was incapable of piercing the empyrean energy, and in fact, shattered as soon as contact was made! Just like that, Yang Qi vanquished his Heaven-Roaming Paramount-Revolution God Ability.


Yang Qi’s palm shot out, sending streams of energy out that locked the area down, making it impossible for Xie Spiritwall to escape. If they were fighting outside, he would have been able to escape by burrowing down through the soil. But they were in the Land of God Extermination, where it was difficult to even leave footprints, much less dig through the ground.

Xie Spiritwall threw both hands out to clash with Yang Qi. Unfortunately, Yang Qi’s moves were as weighty as a mountain, and cracking sounds rang out as both of Xie Spiritwall’s arms were broken. As they fell limply to his side, Yang Qi’s palm landed on the top of his head.


Xie Spiritwall suddenly went limp and dropped to the ground, a stupefied expression appearing on his face, including a dopey smile. Obviously, Yang Qi hadn’t harmed his head, but rather his nascent divinity.

Frowning, Emperor Heart-Celestial hurried over and pulled Xie Spiritwall to his feet. After examining him, he looked at Yang Qi and said, “Very merciless. You intentionally damaged his nascent divinity. Even if he recovers, he’ll have no hope of ever reaching the Terrifying level. Was there really a need to be so merciless when simply sparring with a fellow disciple?”

“Vicious? He was trying to kill me. This was just tit for tat.” With each fight, Yang Qi was benefiting greatly from the enlightenment and was getting stronger.

He was fighting completely with his own energy arts, without any magical treasures at all. It was his first time doing something like this. In any other location he would have been hard pressed to find suitable opponents, and wouldn’t have been able to fight under the pressure of the Land of God Extermination. The circumstances really couldn’t have been better.

Yang Qi had defeated four top experts in a row, and refined his cultivation base significantly. His energy arts were advancing, and he was gaining valuable experience.

By now, Yang Qi realized that using magical treasures in battle was actually an impediment to his cultivation base. Fighting with one’s own two hands was the best training, to the point where he now had no desire to use magical treasures at all. In fact, he was even thinking of trying to get rid of the God Legion Seal, thereby transcending his previous limitations.

As soon as the thought took hold, his nascent divinity suddenly began to burn as though it were on fire, extruding a black smoke that represented impurities and weakness.

Yang Qi’s will had previously been extremely tenacious, but he had been using the God Legion Seal for so long that it had become something of a crutch, holding him back. He had developed weaknesses in his emotions that not even he was aware existed. But thanks to the fighting in the Will Manifestation Heaven Sect and his desire to abandon the use of magical treasures, including the God Legion Seal, he suddenly revealed his true ego. His main weakness, his reliance on the God Legion Seal, was now removed, allowing his nascent divinity to grow vastly stronger.

At that moment, his sea of consciousness filled with radiance and light, and his psychic scale rose. He didn’t have the psychic scaling systems, but nevertheless, he felt like he was closer to the Terrifying level than ever before. The decision to abandon the God Legion Seal made him like someone from the buddhist schools who had finally achieved buddhist ascension.

This type of baptism was a huge milestone. He now had a firm foundation upon which to strive toward a breakthrough to the Terrifying level. If he had tried to do so by relying on the God Legion Seal, he would never have succeeded.

Before, the God Legion Seal had been like his life force, something he absolutely couldn’t live without. But now that it wasn't as important to him, he suddenly realized that his new state of mind would make it much easier to control, if he wanted to.

Emperor Heart-Celestial had people from Spiritwall Peak take Xie Spiritwall away, then looked back at Yang Qi. “You need to watch your back. The leader of Spiritwall Peak might very well try to cause problems for you after this. He's usually in seclusion, but expected to emerge soon. In any case, it seems none of the other mountain peaks are in the position to fight with Memory Peak now. If you can at least fight me to a draw, I’ll allow Memory Peak to go in and take that godhood.”

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