Chapter 952: A Huge Collection of Godhood?

“Eldest Sister, a huge collection of godhood has appeared deep in the Land of God Extermination. There’s quite a few disciples heading in that direction, hoping to get it.”

Although the disciple spoke inaudibly to Yang Qi, Yang Qi could sense his psychic fluctuations, so he knew exactly what was said. And of course, the words “a huge collection of godhood” immediately caught his attention.

With a huge collection of godhood, he could take in more of the will of the Great Necropolis, then use the imperial-heaven pre-beginning systems to break it down and improve his psychic scale. In other words, he could reach the Terrifying level. That would be the most surefire way to improve his cultivation without suffering any side-effects. But it was all predicated on having enough godhood to work with. Of course, if anyone realized how much godhood he would need to do such a thing, their jaw would drop.

“Understood,” An Yiru said, then waved her hand to dismiss the disciple. “Did you hear that, Yang Qi? There’s a treasure trove in the depths of the Land of God Extermination, and apparently a huge collection of godhood appeared there. We need to get over there immediately to take advantage of the situation. This could be a big opportunity for our sect, and especially our faction. We don't want to lose out to the other mountain peaks, and there’s no greater treasure to be had than godhood.”

“I completely agree,” Yang Qi said. “There’s no one who doesn’t want to get some godhood. Even Lesser Gods would be excited by the prospect. Although, what's this Land of God Extermination?”

“It’s a mysterious location deep within the Great Necropolis, an ancient godrelic of unknown origin. It appears to be a battleground where ancient gods fought to the death, which is why it came to be known as the Land of God Extermination. It’s a very dangerous place, where wild beasts from the god world roam, as well as fiend-devils from hell.”

‘Fiend-devils from hell?’ Yang Qi thought. There were as many hells as the eternal sands, and even though he had the Strength of the Hell-Crushing Godmammoth, it would be silly to claim that he could literally control all hells in existence. Furthermore, fiend-devils were just like cultivators, in that they sought to enter the Ancient Road to the Gods to further their cultivation and ultimately reach the god world, becoming devil-gods. Because of that, it was only natural that powerful, hell-born fiend-devils would be present on the road.

As for Yang Qi’s Hell Portals, they weren't strong enough to summon anything that he would consider particularly powerful. The current limit was fiend-devils with power indexes in the dozens. Essentially, Grand Emperors.

The hells that existed nowadays were very different from the hells in common mythology. Those ancient hells were the kind that had waged war on the legion of gods, but they had diminished significantly in later years.

As for the fiend-devils on the Ancient Road to the Gods, they were nothing to take lightly. And Yang Qi had no doubt that there were some with Terrifying will convergence.

Even in the god world, there were hell-born fiend-devils who had reached godly ascension and thirsted for the glory of being able to fight the legion of gods.

That said, Yang Qi had been in the Great Necropolis for some time now, but had yet to encounter any fiend-devils, which was somewhat strange. For some reason, hearing about them now left him feeling a bit nostalgic. The fact that they were in the same location as the godhood was immaterial; he had to get more godhood!

“We need to go fight for that godhood right away!” he said. “I'm itching to make a name for myself in the Will Manifestation Heaven Sect, and this battlefield seems like the perfect place to do that.”

An Yiru chuckled. “If that’s what you want, fine.”

With that, she flew up into the air, then blurred into motion and vanished, Yang Qi following close behind.

Soon, they were outside of the Will Manifestation Heaven Sect on one of the pathways of the Great Necropolis. Yang Qi quickly realized that this pathway was different from most of the others he had seen. Instead of being dreary and depressing, bits of vital energy from the god world floated here and there, giving birth to the most beautiful, enchanting planes of existence imaginable.

“This area isn’t filled with the aura of death like the rest of the Great Necropolis,” An Yiru said. “It's one of the places that’s abundant with life force, which is why our sectlord decided to place our headquarters here. As for the Land of God Extermination, it’s close enough that it’s considered to be in our territory. Over the years, it's become a holy land of training and cultivation for our disciples.”

“Got it,” Yang Qi said. It made him think of the Heavencorpse Dimension back in the Rich-Lush Continent, a land of zombies and ghosts that students from the Demi-Immortal Institute had used as a training zone. That was where he killed one of his first rivals, Chu Tiange, who had fought him with the Cosmic Sunflare Sword. [1]

An Yiru and Yang Qi flew at lightning-like speed until they reached a certain plane of existence battered by evil winds and filled with the smell of steel and blood. As they approached, it was even possible to catch sounds like the wailing of ghosts and gods.


Yang Qi landed and looked around to see corpses scattered all around. The ground was a mass of blood and gore, and devil energy swirled everywhere.

It really was a huge battleground. Yang Qi immediately sensed immense pressure weighing down on him, restricting his cultivation, although not as dramatically as the Cave Temple of the Vajra Māyādevī.

‘No wonder the people from the Will Manifestation Heaven Sect don’t care much about that cave temple,’ Yang Qi thought. ‘This place is almost the same. Come here, and it's almost like being in part of the god world. Even despite the progress I’ve made with my energy arts, in this place I can only cover a bit over a hundred meters with a single leap, and can only get about thirty meters into the air.’

His feet didn't even leave footprints in the ground, which just went to show how tough the surface of the battlefield was.

That said, it was the perfect place to further one's cultivation.

Far off in the distance, Yang Qi spotted mountain ranges and crumbling temples. There were huge war banners that protruded from the ground, and war drums the size of mountains. Swords and spears that were thousands of meters in length could be seen, making Yang Qi feel like a tiny human standing on a battlefield of giants.

This was the kind of place that, if you remained there for long periods of time, could gain you enlightenment of all sorts of mysterious things.

Some distance away, Yang Qi saw what appeared to be a long, straight furrow in the ground, filled with water. At first, he wasn’t sure what it was, but upon looking closer, he saw vestiges of sword energy. Apparently, it had been created by the slash of a sword. As he stared at it, the image of a sword-wielding god appeared in his mind.

Immediately, the power assessment systems began to replicate the image.

[Beep-beep-beep. Godrelic detected. Beginning power replication....]

The will of that sword-wielding god was being replicated, and Yang Qi was benefiting greatly as a result.

‘Incredible. The fighting that played out here surpasses anything from the Cave Temple of the Vajra Māyādevī. Meditating here can bring enlightenment of the techniques the legion of gods used in battle. It will make my true energy flow more quickly, and push my skills to a higher level. And it should help my Strength of the Hell-Crushing Godmammoth to transform dramatically, too.’

He couldn’t have been happier to find a place that would benefit his cultivation more than the virtual godhood from the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart.

‘The Will Manifestation Heaven Sect is definitely a great place to further my cultivation. Once I've spent enough time here, and acquired the psychic scaling systems, I’ll bring some of my strongest people here. It shouldn’t be hard to get them accepted as disciples in Memory Peak, although, now is not the time for that.’

He was specifically thinking of people like Battle Resister and Jadefall. All of them had been progressing well, but the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart wasn’t an ideal place for cultivation for people like that.

“Welcome to the Will Manifestation Heaven Sect’s Land of God Extermination!” An Yiru said. “You can come here at any time to contemplate enlightenment. For now, let’s head further in and find that godhood. This is really a rare opportunity.”

As they sped along, they saw many disciples from the Will Manifestation Heaven Sect working on their cultivation. Some sought enlightenment from the battle scars left behind by the gods, while others trained by fighting the vital energy tempests that swept across the battlefield. Yang Qi saw many flows of vital energy that manifested as tempests, fields of quicksand, flash floods, and more.

Eventually, he caught sight of disciples locked in combat with fiend-devils. Some of the fiend-devils had power indexes in the hundreds, but some were close to two thousand.

Obviously, this plane of existence was vastly larger than the cave temple.

And the further one went inside, the greater the pressure one felt.

Thankfully, Yang Qi had been constantly improving his cultivation recently, thus he was able to deal with it.

Eventually, he and An Yiru reached a place of ruined temples, each of which was larger than the statue of Vajra Māyādevī. In other words, they were too big to climb. A huge river of blood snaked its way between the temples, which was spanned by broken stone bridges that almost looked like rainbows. The blood river was too wide to leap over, and based on its intense energy, Yang Qi was fairly certain it was blood left behind by gods who had fallen in battle. After all the time that had passed, the blood had absorbed the baleful energy of the god world and converted it into a fiendish liquid that could provoke cultivation deviation.

People had gathered on the bank of the river, and were looking at one particular temple on the other side that glittered with light that could only come from godhood.

Unfortunately the bridges leading across the river of blood were broken, and it was impossible to fly here.

And the blood river was too wide to jump across.

It begged the question of whether or not Terrifying will was required to cross this river.

All of the disciples on the riverbank were from the Will Manifestation Heaven Sect. However, the ruyi scepters on their uniforms were of different colors, indicating they came from different mountain peaks. [2]

And they were already fighting each other bitterly!


Suddenly, one of the disciples sent another disciple flying off toward the river of blood.

A cry of alarm rose up from among the other disciples.

It was at that moment that Yang Qi realized the disciple who was about to fall into the river of blood was from Memory Peak.

1. The Heavencorpse Dimension was originally introduced in chapter 80, and was part of the story all the way into the 200’s. It was last mentioned in chapter 315. Yang Qi’s fight with Chu Tiange began in chapter 86.

2. Reminder that the name of the sect contains the word “ruyi” which has multiple meanings. One meaning is the “ruyi scepter” which looks like this. However, there are other wordplay elements that go into the name of the sect, which is why I'm translating the name as “will manifestation”.

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