Chapter 942: Superpower Sects

Yang Qi seized the burning godhood, activated the Engine of the One God, upgraded the strength god systems into the imperial-heaven pre-beginning systems, and broke through the first layer of the will of the Great Necropolis.

And all of it only took a breath of time.

Thanks to the inheritor seed, he was able to easily slip through the Great Necropolis and acquire things that even experts much more powerful than him would have been powerless to acquire.

The strength god systems were incredible enough, but now he had upgraded them to the imperial-heaven pre-beginning systems. Of course, the only downside was that those systems required much more power.

Thankfully, the burning godhood was still being assimilated in the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart. It was godhood from a Lesser God, but one who was at the peak of that level. However, despite being so strong, it wasn’t so robust that the immortal-slaying clone couldn’t deal with it.

As drop after drop of liquid entered the Engine of the One God, the imperial-heaven pre-beginning systems’ power reserves grew, and Yang Qi’s heart pounded, sending power flowing through him.

As the imperial-heaven pre-beginning will entered his sea of consciousness, it continued battering away at the will of the Great Necropolis.

[Beep-beep-beep. Beep-beep-beep.]

The photonic computers associated with the imperial-heaven pre-beginning systems suddenly provided a report.

[Heterogeneous will has been detected in your sea of consciousness. Activating systems to crush it.]

As the Engine of the One God sent power to crush the will of the Great Necropolis, the will fought back, sending out black light to try to turn the Engine of the One God to stone.

Yang Qi stood back and watched the fighting play out. Slowly but surely, the will of the Great Necropolis was being crushed and destroyed, turned into fuel that caused his nascent divinity to grow stronger.

Yang Qi was feeling extremely pleased with how the imperial-heaven pre-beginning systems worked.

For the most part, he didn’t even have to monitor the fighting. Meanwhile, the depths of his mind were like glowing crystals, a physical manifestation of his psychic power. As that psychic power became physical, it was very much like liquid godhood, which was the initial state that would eventually lead to the production of true godhood.

Normally speaking, when people reached the Godmyth level, they would form virtual godhood. Yet Yang Qi’s virtual godhood had already reached the point of becoming liquid, which meant that he was well on his way along the path of godly ascension.

His psychic abilities and energy arts were advancing yet again.

After Yang Qi was certain that everything was going smoothly, he returned his attention to what was going on around him, only to find that he and Battle Resister were indeed surrounded. In fact, these were obviously extremely powerful people from the Ancient Road to the Gods, whose power indexes were at two thousand! There were even some at the level of three thousand!

Some were even beyond that and impossible to assess!

Yang Qi saw a handful who wore the uniforms of the Immortal House of Supreme Preeminence, and were obviously far stronger than Preeminence Boost and Preeminence Swan. They were at the peak of Destabilizing will, and clearly wielded god items that made them terrifyingly strong.

These were definitely people from superpower sects.

“Hello, friend,” one of the experts said, a man who looked very much like a monk. “We've been fighting for our lives here in the hopes of getting that godhood, but then you just came along and took it. Unfortunately, that godhood comes from a peak Lesser God, the Burning Sun God. There’s no way you could possibly assimilate it, so please hand it over.”

The man was wrapped up in a kāṣāya, and he wielded a monk’s staff. He was very tall, with long eyebrows and a white beard. Even more shocking, his head glowed with a buddhist light that Yang Qi recognized as containing primeval god skills. There was the Light of Power, the Light of Wisdom, the Light of the Vajra, and more. [1]

His power index was around three thousand, but it fluctuated. When he breathed out, it would drop, and when he breathed in, it would rise dramatically. Obviously, it was the result of some energy art he cultivated.

“What sect do you come from, Grandmaster?” Yang Qi said, clasping his hands behind his back and making sure that he was at a peak state of readiness. “When godhood appears in the world, it's first come first serve. Only the virtuous can acquire it, so why exactly are you saying that I don’t qualify?”

“I’m an arhat sent by the Amoghasiddhi Buddhist Sect,” the monk replied. “I am unskilled in conversation, so please answer the question. Will you hand over the godhood, or not? If you won’t, then I’ll release you from your suffering.” [2]

“The Amoghasiddhi Buddhist Sect?!” Battle Resister exclaimed. “That’s one of the superpower sects from the Ancient Road to the Gods. People say that hundreds of millions of years ago, there were ten other superpower sects who offended them. So, they sent an expert named Arhat Bhadrika who wiped all the other sects out. Not even the weakest disciples were spared. This sect is brutal and domineering, and they cultivate a profound art of immense power, something called the Amoghasiddhi Permanence-Seal Grand Energy Art.” [3]

After finishing with his introduction, Battle Resister slipped into the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart, fully aware that he would be useless if fighting broke out. In fact, he might even get in Yang Qi’s way.

Snorting coldly, one of the daoist priests from the Immortal House of Supreme Preeminence stepped forward and said, “Get out of my way, arhat.” Glaring at Yang Qi, he continued, “You aren’t in the running to get that godhood, boy. Hand it over and we’ll spare you the sentence of death. I can see that you have a good cultivation base, and you clearly have enlightenment of the godpower of the Great Necropolis. If I'm not mistaken, you must’ve acquired one of the Inheritor seeds the necropolis spat out. How about you join the Immortal House of Supreme Preeminence? We can help you grow to your full potential.”

This man had the demeanor of a transcendent being, and eyes that seemed to look down disdainfully on all of heaven and earth. He was the picture of someone from a superpower sect.

Before anything else could happen, a burly man stepped forward, who wore a very eye-catching, wide golden belt. “The Immortal House of Supreme Preeminence is nothing! Our Martial Tyrant Cadre is the strongest sect on the Ancient Road to the Gods. We crush anything and everything that gets in our way. You might be an Inheritor, but your power levels are low. The fact that you actually managed to take that godhood is very telling. Not bad. Not bad at all. Someone like you would make a great addition to the Martial Tyrant Cadre.”

Apparently, all three of these people were interested in recruiting Yang Qi.

Despite having extremely high power indexes, none of them had been able to successfully lay hands on the godhood he had just taken so easily. And the fact that he had, coupled with his use of the godpower of the Great Necropolis, revealed to them that he was an Inheritor. Not a single one of them treated him with an ounce of courtesy, but were acting like ravenous wolves, instead. And if he showed any weakness, it was entirely possible that they would rip him to pieces.

Truth be told, an Inheritor could be very valuable to any sect, as they would make it much easier to get godhood from the Great Necropolis.

“Sorry everyone,” he said, “But I'm not joining any of your sects. And as for this godhood, it's mine.” Before defeating Profound Valor, he might have been in big trouble if he had found himself surrounded by experts like this. After all, he could have ended up stuck outside the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart. But after his victory, his command of the godpower of the Great Necropolis was completely different, and he knew that he had the upper hand. Even if these people joined forces, they wouldn’t be able to hurt him.

He was even thinking about somehow turning them into thralls. Considering their power indexes, they would obviously be huge assets.

“Well that depends on what you’re capable of!” the burly man said. Without warning, he slashed out with a saber that hadn’t been in his hand a moment before, but had appeared just like magic.

He took a step forward, and space seemed to compress as he was suddenly right in front of Yang Qi, his saber slashing toward him.

Yang Qi didn't move, making it seem almost like he was paralyzed by fear. As the saber closed in, he suddenly lifted his arm to block the blow.


The saber shattered, and the godpower of the Great Necropolis poured into the burly man. Almost immediately, he began petrifying, and the power of the necropolis gathered around him as if to expel him.

Roaring with rage, he flexed his muscles to shatter the newly-formed stone, then spun in place as an enormous pillar of vital energy appeared behind him, seemingly tall enough to prop up heaven and earth.

“What?” said the daoist priest. “That’s a consummate energy art of the Martial Tyrant Cadre! The Martial-God Hegemon-King Heaven-Propping Pillar! He actually succeeded in cultivating it. It’s a pillar of power that can connect to heaven, earth, the universe, the god world, hell, the green void, the yellow springs, the blue underworld, and the great void. Whoever completes the Martial-God Hegemon-King Heaven-Propping Pillar will be the most boundless and unstoppable martial god imaginable!”

As soon as that pillar appeared, all of Yang Qi’s attacks were negated.

‘Incredible!’ Yang Qi thought, suddenly struck with the impression that he had underestimated these people. The energy field emanating from this incredible pillar seemed too much for even him to break through.

However, that just served to stoke his fighting spirit, and he immediately unleashed a secret magic that he had bitterly cultivated, a consummate divine ability that included the Great Necropolis God Art. He threw out both hands, causing numerous palm strikes to fly toward the burly man and his energy field.

1. Here is an image of a monk’s staff by itself, and here is one in the hands of a monk.

2. Amoghasiddhi is one of the Five Wisdom Buddhas of the Vajrayana tradition of Buddhism. The name literally means “not empty accomplishment” or “He Whose Accomplishment Is Not In Vain”. More info here.

3. In “real life” Buddhism, Bhadrika is one of the five ascetics, companions of Gautama Buddha who were present during his first sermon.

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