Chapter 940: The Will of the Great Necropolis

With a wave of his hand, Yang Qi sent the godpower seed into Profound Valor, who shivered in response. The seed was already one hundred percent compatible with Profound Valor’s soul, and in the blink of an eye, the godpower seed of the Great Necropolis had pierced through the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart to reach him.

That alone went to show that the Great Necropolis was on a higher level than the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart.

And that begged the question of whether or not the creator of the necropolis was actually stronger than King Immortal-Slayer. Even in the myths and legends of the god world, there was only one entity who was stronger than King Immortal-Slayer, and that was the monarch of the myriads of gods, the being who possessed the God Legion Seal, the boundless Sovereign Lord.

But considering that the Sovereign Lord was not the creator of the Great Necropolis, it seemed to indicate that there was indeed another entity that strong. Why had this immensely powerful being created the necropolis, then sent it drifting down the Ancient Road to the Gods for hundreds of millions of years until it finally reached the Immortal Dao Age?

“Why are you giving the Inheritor seed back to me, Yang Qi?” Profound Valor asked. “Conscience getting the better of you? Don’t think this makes us even, though.” When Profound Valor felt the seed enter him, he immediately perked up. And then power began flowing into him, forming god vitality in his sea of energy. At first, that god vitality was weak, but as it accumulated, the Inheritor seed rotated faster and faster, and his power grew. At a certain point, he flexed his muscles, and the chains of magical law around him shattered.

However, that was when Yang Qi made his move, slapping his hands onto Profound Valor over and over again. Each time he did, he activated a sealing mark from the Strength of the Hell-Crushing Godmammoth. It was none other than the old Devil-God Seal, which was the ultimate origin of all sealing marks in heaven and earth. Upon being hit with those seals, Profound Valor was incapable of moving.

“Heaven-God Hell-Exterminating Devil Embryo!” Yang Qi bellowed, and a devil embryo appeared in the palm of his hand, which he inserted into Profound Valor’s sea of energy. Although Profound Valor had regained his godpower seed, he hadn’t yet fully recovered. Besides, even at his peak, he wasn’t a match for Yang Qi, and now things were even more one-sided, considering they were in the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart. Profound Valor had no other choice but to watch as the devil embryo entered him and slowly began drawing on his god vitality.

It was almost as if Profound Valor was practicing cultivation in Yang Qi’s stead. His true energy was going to Yang Qi, as was the god vitality, thanks to the devil embryo.

The Heaven and Earth Furnace appeared within Yang Qi, into which he funneled the god vitality, where it was subsequently melted and refined. Thus, the will of the Great Necropolis began to form within his sea of energy.

However, Yang Qi kept it suppressed and under his control. When the time came to unleash it, he would definitely reach a higher level of enlightenment, and entering the Terrifying level would no longer be a mere dream.

As his tendons and bones creaked, Yang Qi activated the Engine of the One God and eagerly waited to turn on the strength god systems.

The god vitality in the Heaven and Earth Furnace was slowly becoming a thick, viscous liquid the color of stone.


As Yang Qi worked, Profound Valor shivered and then screamed. “You vicious villain, Yang Qi! You’ve turned me into a thrall!?”

Yang Qi ignored him. Before long, a liquid fleck of godhood could be seen in the Engine of the One God. The strength god systems were just on the verge of turning on again.

At this point, Yang Qi realized that the power of the Great Necropolis inside Profound Valor was very weak. Profound Valor’s cultivation base hadn’t reached the proper level, and he didn’t have Terrifying will. If he had, then the god vitality of the Great Necropolis would turn into true liquid godhood.

After all, the immortal-slaying clone could absorb power from the godhood stars of the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart. If the creator of the Great Necropolis was actually stronger than King Immortal-Slayer, then how could the necropolis not have its own reserves of godhood?

Actually, after Yang Qi had seen Profound Valor unleash the God-Ordaining Dais, and the paragonic entity on it who could turn mortals into gods with the tap of a finger, he was convinced that the necropolis could create godhood. He just didn’t know where such godhood was located.

“Very good, Profound Valor,” Yang Qi said coolly. “At least you know what you are now. A thrall. So stop struggling. The more you struggle, the more it will hurt. Just settle down and be a good thrall. If you do, your cultivation base might improve, and I might let you keep a little of that true energy and god vitality for your own. After I reach the Terrifying level, I might even allow you to improve your cultivation level.

“Remember, we’re in the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart, and there’s no way you can ever escape. I advise you to put away all thoughts of rebellion and just acknowledge allegiance to me. Agreed?”

“Dream on!” Profound Valor spat. Obviously, people who had reached this level of cultivation were no longer mortal, and possessed incredible willpower. Although he wasn't quite on the same level as Star Swordlife, he wouldn’t submit to ordinary methods of torment. However, Yang Qi didn’t feel a pressing need to turn him into a believer. Instead, he would continue to use him to harvest god vitality. For all he knew, forcibly converting him might make it impossible to take his godpower seed later.

The godpower of the Great Necropolis continued flowing into him, with scattered bits of the necropolis’ will inside of it. As a result, Yang Qi’s energy arts and cultivation base slowly but surely continued to rise.

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