Chapter 939: Thralls

The hundredth ranked immortal world around them was devolving into chaos.

The world contained innumerable “commoners” who were in the Demolishing level, organized into hosts of nations that made up a thriving civilization. And ruling over that civilization was the Profound Killing Dao Sect.

That sect would be considered a superpower on the Ancient Road to the Gods, and they had built up resources over many years, to an incredible level. In fact, they were strong enough to stand up to ten thousand Dao Defense Leagues put together.

Unfortunately, Yang Qi was now taking control of it.

The fighting between Yang Qi, Profound Valor and Star Swordlife had sent out such incredible shockwaves that none of the other experts in the sect had been able to get close to them. Then, when the fighting was over, the immortal-slaying clone blocked all paths, completely locking down the sect.

Next, he went about seizing what needed to be seized, and forced the experts in the sect to submit and be taken to the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart. There were some experts in the sect who were strong enough to fight the clone, but he also had the emissaries from the Immortal House of Supreme Preeminence to back him up.

Considering they had power indexes of over two thousand, their attacks would cause anyone to cough up blood and suffer severe injuries. As a result, even the top experts of the sect were subdued.

Star Swordlife had fled, and the Profound Killing Dao Sect was already starting to crumble. In fact, many disciples were prostrating themselves on the ground and waiting to learn what fate awaited them.

First of all, the mere fact that two people from the Immortal House of Supreme Preeminence were there was enough to strike fear into the hearts of everyone present. That sect was a superpower on the Ancient Road to the Gods, a force that no one would dare to defy.

Second, the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart had everything locked down so tightly that no one could possibly escape or enter the sect.

Looking around, Yang Qi realized that the sect headquarters had particularly good feng shui and was obviously a place of hidden dragons and crouching tigers. The spirit energy created immortal cranes, phoenixes, dragons, and qilins everywhere, as well as other types of godlings.

It was just what one would expect of a hundredth ranked immortal world.

The headquarters itself was built to resemble the character for “kill”, and was filled with marvelous temples and palaces that were themselves god items. It was all very impressive, except for the fact that the sect leader had just been completely and utterly vanquished. Morale had already plummeted to rock bottom.

Without hesitation, Yang Qi drew on certain teleportation techniques to move the entire headquarters of the Profound Killing Dao Sect into the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart, along with all of its elite disciples.

As for the common people, Yang Qi let them continue their lives peacefully on their hundredth ranked immortal world. Although he had benefited spectacularly in this whole incident, now was not the time to create a foothold among the immortal worlds.

Before doing something like that, he wanted to be absolutely certain that he could defend it. In other words, he wanted Terrifying will convergence at the very minimum. After all, he couldn’t even fully defeat Star Swordlife in a fight, so what would happen if even stronger experts from the Ancient Road to the Gods showed up?

For example, the Immortal House of Supreme Preeminence alone had Terrifying old-timers that Yang Qi knew he wasn’t a match for. He wasn’t even confident that the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart could keep him safe from people like that, unless he just hid inside for the rest of his life.

Truth be told, if he set up the proper spell formations, and kept them going for several years, he could eventually transport the entire immortal world around him into the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart. But that would be a waste of time.

Hundredth ranked immortal worlds were simply too colossal to move around easily.

After all, it was vastly, vastly larger than his Dao Defense League, and he wasn’t even able to move the Dao Defense League without incredible effort.

Using his Lord's Eye, he was able to keep tabs on the Dao Defense League and what was happening there. It was still a third-rate organization, but there were plenty of experts rising up within it. The Joyflower Palace was working hard to develop the place, although it had not yet reached its full potential.

Thanks to the dramatic transformations to the immortal dao civilizations, the dao of heaven and universal fortune had expanded. Now, conquering it would involve contending with billions of trillions of organizations, along with innumerable experts from the Ancient Road to the Gods. When all of that destiny was added together, it would definitely be enough to reach the level of the legion of gods.

Obviously, the Joyflower Palace was going to work as hard as possible to make sure that happened.

In the end, though, Yang Qi would be the one to benefit when he ended up killing Empress Joyflower.

He was very clear what his path of cultivation was to involve, and wouldn't hesitate to pursue it. Although unexpected things would pop up, he would resolve them and continue onward.

He had already reached his goal of taking a godpower seed, which would soon allow him to become an Inheritor. First, he would do his research, then subdue the seed and use it to advance his energy arts. Next, he would look for the mysterious Cave Temple of the Vajra Māyādevī, where he would hopefully find the other seven parts of the Secret-Ensconcing All-World Anything-Everything Fundamental-Law Magic. At that point, his nascent divinity and cultivation base would climb higher, and he would break through to the Terrifying level.

Although he was currently at the peak of the Destabilizing level, the gap between his current position and the Terrifying level might as well have been a gully as wide as heaven itself. It was only by coming across the right circumstances, and engaging in deadly tempering, that anyone could bridge that gap.

For Yang Qi, the Secret-Ensconcing All-World Anything-Everything Fundamental-Law Magic was that good fortune.

After taking over the Profound Killing Dao Sect, Yang Qi nodded in satisfaction and entered the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart. His inflow of destiny had already changed; in terms of the number of disciples, this sect was roughly the same as the Profound House of Battle Energy. However, there was a big difference between the two. The people of the Profound House of Battle Energy were guests in the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart, whereas those from the Profound Killing Dao Sect were servants. Therefore, Yang Qi didn’t waste time on courtesy, and simply had them organized into ranks, with many of them becoming thralls to help his own subordinates advance their cultivation.

Thralls were unique to the Ancient Road to the Gods, and for all intents and purposes, they were like livestock. However, the difference was that livestock was raised for its meat, whereas the thralls were there to provide energy arts, true vitality, and quintessence.

Most sects would have complicated practices to raise thralls, giving them medicinal pills to help them improve their energy arts. After their cultivation bases rose to a high enough level, elite disciples from the sect or clan would take their energy arts. It was a way to reduce the time disciples had to spend on cultivation, and help them reach new heights at an incredible speed.

Of course, the particulars were complicated, so Yang Qi assigned the responsibility to his immortal-slaying clone. Besides, it was the clone who would benefit from the flows of destiny.

With thralls from the Profound Killing Dao Sect, Yang Qi knew that the Yang Clan would definitely become stronger and stronger in the coming years.

Nodding in satisfaction, he approached Profound Valor.

Just like Leaf Dao-Denier, he had Profound Valor locked up in a secret dimension in the chart, where he was chained with magical laws.

Slowly but surely, the power within him was being extracted, flowing into Yang Qi.

“I bet you never thought a day like this would come, did you, Profound Valor?” Yang Qi asked. “You wanted my God Legion Seal, but now you’re imprisoned here, completely helpless. If you had known things would turn out like this, I bet you would have surrendered to me from the outset.”

“Bah!” Profound Valor said. “You want to kill me, Yang Qi? Torture me? Fine, just do it. But there’s no need to insult me!”

Yang Qi waved his hand dismissively. “Tell me how you got your godpower seed.”

“Why should I tell you? It was good fortune on my part to acquire it. Do you really think you’ll be able to assimilate it? There are only so many of those seeds, and they can only be assimilated by Inheritors.” With that, Profound Valor burst out laughing.

“Is that what you think?” Tightening his hand around the seed, he sent burning fire from the Strength of the Hell-Crushing Godmammoth into it, provoking loud cracking sounds. Unfortunately, the seed remained whole, and not a scrap of power emerged from it. Yang Qi frowned.

“What were you just saying?” Profound Valor scoffed. “I'm telling you, you can’t assimilate it. If you could, wouldn’t that imply that your will had surpassed that of the Great Necropolis? That godpower seed doesn't belong to you!” Yet again, he dissolved into laughter, which was apparently the only way he could give vent to his frustration and anger.

Unfortunately, Yang Qi hadn’t uncovered any clues about how to deal with the godpower seed, and nothing he did had any effect on it. It might as well have just been a rock.


He unleashed an even greater wave of power right onto the seed. In response, it glowed with a protective light and remained as tightly sealed as before.

Despite continuing with such efforts for quite a bit of time, he couldn’t uncover any further secrets. Finally, he shook his head and looked up to face Profound Valor, who was howling with laughter. Eyes flashing, he thought, ‘Thrall. You’re going to be a thrall. Maybe I can’t assimilate the seed itself, but I can at least assimilate the godpower of the Great Necropolis. That should be perfect to power up my Engine of the One God again! And if I can subjugate the will of the Great Necropolis, I’ll eventually be able to assimilate the seed!’

With a wave of his hand, he sent the godpower seed back into Profound Valor.

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