Chapter 936: Another Inheritor

Profound Valor staggered backward over and over, making it abundantly clear that he wasn’t a match for Yang Qi. In fact, Preeminence Boost and Preeminence Swan hadn’t even had to make a move yet. They were just standing off to the side looking threatening, their eyes locked onto Profound Valor as they analyzed his every weakness.

Profound Valor could also sense the looming threat of the immortal-slaying clone. Obviously, the clone was no minor figure, but rather a domineering figure even among entities who were considered particularly domineering. His power index had reached a thousand, and he was continuing to make progress on a daily basis. As he drew upon the godhood stars from the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart, his cultivation base climbed and climbed, and he was becoming more like the core of the chart.

At the moment, he was using the powers of the chart to lock down all avenues of escape available to Profound Valor. As a result, Profound Valor felt completely trapped, and at the same time, forced to use extreme caution as he retreated from Yang Qi’s attacks.

Yang Qi was using extremely bold fist and palm techniques, imbuing them with the vajra characteristics of the buddhist schools. Waiting at the ready were all of the powers of the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart, and the two emissaries from the Immortal House of Supreme Preeminence.

With all of this combined, it was such a mortal threat to Profound Valor that he had no choice but to throw caution to the wind.

Cold Snakes of Light!

He threw his hands out, causing a host of snakes to appear, with glittering light pulsing out of their mouths, making them seem almost like dragons spitting out pearls. And each pulse of light seemed to contain a projection of the Great Necropolis itself as it bore down on Yang Qi.

Yang Qi launched a thousand palm strikes to shatter the deadly Cold Snakes of Light.

From what he could tell, the attacks that Profound Valor was using must be draining his vitality at a rapid rate.

Heavenly-Empyrean General-Beheading God-Ordaining Grand Technique!” Profound Valor shouted, and all of his energy arts shattered as he lunged forward, making him completely empty. At the same time, his energy transformed, becoming extremely strange and bizarre.

Bellowing with rage, he unleashed a most mysterious and unfathomable force. “Heaven and Earth Ordain Gods; God-Ordaining Dais; Necropolis to Bury Gods!

In the blink of an eye, an enormous dais rose up, banners flapping on its four corners and a person standing right in the middle. Then, that person was tapped on the forehead, and was thus ordained as a god-spirit.

‘What daoist technique is this?’ Yang Qi thought, having never seen anything like it. Apparently, the tap of this technique could turn a person into a god, which was something that completely surpassed the magical laws of the god world. Clearly, the entity on the dais was not the Sovereign Lord, but was someone who qualified to contend with the Sovereign Lord.

Apparently, this dais could elevate a normal human into the legion of gods? What was it? If something like this existed in the world, wouldn’t it lead to complete chaos? And who was this person? The creator of the Great Necropolis?

Although Yang Qi was managing to keep his composure, he was filled with endless questions and speculations. Obviously, this was just a projection, and although it contained psychic fluctuations and powerful energy, it wasn’t real. If it were real, then it would be the kind of entity who could conquer all humanity, unless someone like the Sovereign Lord or King Immortal-Slayer interfered. It was almost impossible to wrap one’s mind around the idea of simply being able to ordain a mortal as a god. How much power and universal fortune would that require?

Even if one were to combine the universal fortune of an entire age, then add in the universal fortune and power from countless parallel universes and planes of existence, it would still hardly be enough to create even a Lesser God.

Yet Yang Qi was sure of what he was looking at, and it caused fear to fill his heart. He definitely couldn’t allow Profound Valor to push his energy arts to the ultimate limit. If he didn’t kill or subdue him now, then it would become impossible in the future.

Thus, he pressed the attack, launching palm strikes like those of the gods, holding nothing back.

Howling madly, Profound Valor shrieked, “Heaven and Earth Ordain Gods, Summoning of Grand Destiny!” The God-Ordaining Dais descended, pulsing with the power of the god world, causing cracks to spread out over Yang Qi’s skin.

However, his heart remained as firm as steel, and the vajra characteristics within him erupted as he spun forward.

Godliness Vortex!

Yet again, he was drawing on an energy art state from the Strength of the Hell-Crushing Godmammoth, a variation on his old hell vortexes. Instead, this was a godliness vortex. An enormous god-spirit appeared, which began spinning like a top, until it was a huge whirlwind that could suppress and even destroy godpower.


The God-Ordaining Dais split apart under the force of the attack, yet, at the same time, Yang Qi felt like his own meridians were being destroyed as well.

Thankfully, vanquishing this latest move of Profound Valor’s had truly left the man like an arrow that had reached the end of its flight. It seemed he was finally running out of options.


Yang Qi struck the already blood-spattered Profound Valor with the most powerful blow he could muster. Truth be told, Yang Qi could never have guessed that his opponent would still be this strong. Even after being ambushed and drained of half of his power, he still managed to unleash the consummate art that was the God-Ordaining Dais, which, even upon being defeated, had still severely injured Yang Qi's meridians.

Now more than ever, Yang Qi knew it would be a huge mistake to allow Profound Valor to escape.

His palms were brimming with power as he combined the Hand of the One God, the Seventy-Two Monarchs Energy Art, and the Secret-Ensconcing All-World Anything-Everything Fundamental-Law Magic, creating a cycle of three energy arts. This was his first time unleashing the full power of this combination, and it was the most destructive attack he could manage.

Profound Valor fought back valiantly, summoning an energy field around him that was a projection of the Great Necropolis. Unfortunately for him, Yang Qi threw a fist strike that had already caused it to start crumbling. And with the second fist strike, it shattered, provoking a shout from Profound Valor as he prepared to resort to his final move.

However, in that critical moment, a voice reached both of their ears.

“I've come to offer greetings to Houselord Profound Valor of the Profound Killing Dao Sect. It is I, Star Swordlife from the Star River Sword Sect.”

The voice was calm and gentle, thrumming with a sensation of life. And of course, Yang Qi was very familiar with it. Shockingly, the strength that backed the voice was no weaker than Profound Valor himself.

‘Star Swordlife?’ Yang Qi thought. ‘Since when did that brat get so strong? He must have come across some good fortune. But how? He had a power index of barely over a hundred last time I saw him. Even if a heaven-god personally blessed him with godly abilities, his cultivation base shouldn't have advanced this rapidly.’

Opening his Lord's Eye, he looked outside of the Profound Killing Dao Sect and saw a young man with a sword in hand, pulsing with such power that none of the disciples of the sect could even get close to him.

Of course, that young man was none other than Star Swordlife, who was devoted to researching sword techniques filled with life force. [1]

“Another Inheritor!?” Profound Valor blurted. “Yes, another Inheritor is here! I'm saved! Greetings, fellow Inheritor! I'm in a deadly situation here, please, come to my rescue!” He bolstered his message with divine will, which allowed it to shoot out and connect to Star Swordlife.

“Dammit!” Yang Qi growled. “How could this be happening? I thought I had the entire area locked down tight!”

Although Yang Qi had indeed sealed the entire area, Profound Valor could still use his powers as an Inheritor to directly communicate with other Inheritors.

Not even Yang Qi’s powerful sealing magics could surpass the profundities of the Great Necropolis.

Now he realized how Star Swordlife had achieved such dramatic progress. Obviously, during the Great Necropolis’ eruption, he had acquired a godpower seed and become an Inheritor.

Considering that his main goal in life was to save people, all of Yang Qi’s hopes of killing Profound Valor were now dashed. And if Profound Valor escaped, then not only would Yang Qi’s efforts be wasted, but it could lead to incredible misfortune in the future.

Furthermore, Yang Qi’s hope of creating a powerful organization seemed at risk. After all, with an enemy like Profound Valor running around slaughtering his disciples, how could his organization survive?

And that wasn't even mentioning the fact that it seemed highly likely these Inheritors could eventually become gods.

Yang Qi was certain that the Great Necropolis was powerful enough to fuel such rises.

“Die!” he shouted, drawing on all the power he could muster as he threw his hands out and battered at the crumbled projection of the Great Necropolis that protected Profound Valor. Meanwhile, Profound Valor was hollering at the top of his lungs in an attempt to attract the attention of Star Swordlife.

His efforts were not in vain.

Star Swordlife heard his cries, and could also sense the fluctuations coming from the battle. He gripped his sword and blurred into motion, his eyes flashing. He moved with incredible quickness, and as he brandished his sword of rescue and life, worlds came into being around him that abounded with life force and were filled with lush vegetation and rejoicing life forms.

Of course, Yang Qi wasn’t happy at all about that. To him, this life force was actually fatal and deadly.

“Immortal-slaying clone!”

Both the immortal-slaying clone and the emissaries from the Immortal House of Supreme Preeminence took action. The emissaries blocked the incoming sword strike, while the clone launched a devastating palm strike toward Star Swordlife’s head.

However, even as the two emissaries’ moves touched the sword, the sword collapsed into countless raindrops that pulsed with life force as they continued on toward Yang Qi.

Yang Qi could sense that, if this technique hit him, it wouldn’t kill him, but it would definitely render him immobile. That was the only upside of fighting Star Swordlife: he didn’t kill people. That said, if Yang Qi were suddenly rendered immobile, it was obvious that Profound Valor would make a move on him.

It was a moment of imminent peril.

Never could the clone or the emissaries have guessed that this sword technique would be so profound, or that it would transform into a rain that easily bypassed them.

As for the clone, when his fist reached Star Swordlife, a soft and gentle power met it, then traveled up his arm, turning it numb to the point where he couldn’t move it.

Then, the clone was forced to watch as the rain of sword light enveloped Yang Qi.

1. Star Swordlife was introduced in chapter 855. He and Yang Qi debated philosophy and fought each other in chapters 856 and 857.

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